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Scheduled Departures: Domodedovo Int'l Airport (Moscow) [UUDD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
RLU551CRJ2Chertovitskoye ()Thu 12:10PM MSKThu 03:10PM MSK
QTR234A321Hamad Int'l ()Thu 12:55PM MSKThu 05:55PM +03
RLU165CRJ2Belgorod ()Thu 01:15PM MSKThu 02:20PM MSK
RLU127CRJ2Ivanovo Yuzhny Airport ()Thu 01:20PM MSKThu 02:05PM MSK
SBI259E170Besovets ()Thu 01:20PM MSKThu 02:56PM MSK
SBI67A319Khrabrovo ()Thu 01:30PM MSKThu 02:13PM EET
SBI1155A319 ()Thu 01:30PM MSKThu 12:04PM UTC
GLP165B738Simferopol Int'l ()Thu 01:35PM MSKThu 03:52PM MSK
DLH1445A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Thu 01:35PM MSKThu 03:50PM CEST
SBI1211A319Shpakovskoye ()Thu 01:35PM MSKThu 03:15PM MSK
AHY851B752Heydar Aliyev Int'l ()Thu 01:50PM MSKThu 05:30PM +04
SBI955A321Tbilisi Int'l ()Thu 02:00PM MSKThu 05:30PM +04
ABY956A320Sharjah Int'l ()Thu 02:10PM MSKThu 08:00PM +04
RLU217CRJ2Ulyanovsk Baratayeveka Airport ()Thu 02:10PM MSKThu 03:30PM MSK
MGX611E190Tivat ()Thu 02:20PM MSKThu 04:20PM CEST
IZA306YK42Izhevsk ()Thu 02:20PM MSKThu 04:50PM +04
SBI1123A319Vityazevo ()Thu 02:25PM MSKThu 04:30PM MSK
SBI235E170Chertovitskoye ()Thu 02:25PM MSKThu 03:25PM MSK
SVR299A320Koltsovo Int'l ()Thu 02:25PM MSKThu 06:25PM +05
AUA602A320Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Thu 02:35PM MSKThu 04:25PM CEST
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