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Arrivals: Pulkovo Airport (Saint Petersburg) [ULLI]
CSA886A319Václav Havel Airport ()Mon 11:46AM CETMon 03:58PM MSK
AFR1464A319Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Mon 10:27AM CETMon 03:46PM MSK
SDM6604A319Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Mon 11:23AM CETMon 03:41PM MSK
EI-FSEVnukovo ()Mon 02:25PM MSKMon 03:37PM MSK
SDM6654A319Hamburg ()Mon 11:26AM CETMon 03:34PM MSK
AFL38A321Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Mon 02:12PM MSKMon 03:13PM MSK
SDM6642A320Berlin ()Mon 11:07AM CETMon 03:08PM MSK
SAS732B737Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 11:59AM CETMon 03:05PM MSK
SWR1310A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Mon 10:08AM CETMon 03:02PM MSK
OK-JNTMilan Rastislav Stefanik (Bratislava) ()Mon 10:34AM CETMon 02:59PM MSK
THY401A321Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Mon 12:18PM +03Mon 02:59PM MSK
AUL504B735Syktyvkar ()Mon 01:00PM MSKMon 02:55PM MSK
AHO186SVáclav Havel Airport ()Mon 10:32AM CETMon 02:51PM MSK
SDM6316A319Pashkovsky ()Mon 12:15PM MSKMon 02:41PM MSK
AFL18A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Mon 01:22PM MSKMon 02:27PM MSK
SDM6356A319Mineralnye Vody ()Mon 11:31AM MSKMon 02:17PM MSK
NWS167Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Mon 01:06PM MSKMon 02:15PM MSK
SDM6344A319Murmansk ()Mon 12:34PM MSKMon 02:08PM MSK
SVR366A320Koltsovo Int'l ()Mon 01:25PM +05Mon 02:07PM MSK
BRU939B733Minsk Int'l ()Mon 12:40PM +03Mon 01:57PM MSK
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