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Departures: Astana Int'l Airport (Astana) [UACC]
Arrival Time
P4-SLKAlmaty ()Mon 01:14AM ALMTMon 02:34AM ALMTMon 02:34AM ALMT
KZR956A319Almaty ()Mon 12:55AM ALMTMon 02:15AM ALMTMon 02:11AM ALMT
KZR992767Almaty ()Sun 09:48PM ALMTSun 11:04PM ALMTSun 11:04PM ALMT
KZR996A321Almaty ()Sun 09:26PM ALMTSun 10:51PM ALMTSun 10:42PM ALMT
KZR983A320Atyrau ()Sun 09:22PM ALMTSun 11:37PM ALMT11:37PM ALMT (?)
KZR137E190Pulkovo ()Sun 09:00PM ALMTSun 10:10PM MSKSun 10:10PM MSK
KZR873A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Sun 08:31PM ALMTSun 08:47PM MSKSun 08:48PM MSK
KZR954A320Almaty ()Sun 08:07PM ALMTSun 09:27PM ALMTSun 09:24PM ALMT
VSV734B735Almaty ()Sun 07:09PM ALMTSun 08:29PM ALMTSun 08:25PM ALMT
LY-AZVShymkent ()Sun 05:12PM ALMTSun 06:35PM ALMTSun 06:35PM ALMT
KZR921B752Frankfurt Int'l ()Sun 04:11PM ALMTSun 05:16PM CETSun 05:17PM CET
KZR854767Almaty ()Sun 03:48PM ALMTSun 05:03PM ALMTSun 05:03PM ALMT
KZR223B752Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Sun 03:13PM ALMTSun 04:59PM CETSun 04:59PM CET
THY6490A332Hong Kong Int'l ()Sun 03:10PM ALMTSun 11:14PM HKTSun 11:15PM HKT
KZR207A320Dubai Int'l ()Sun 02:58PM ALMTSun 05:25PM GSTSun 05:25PM GST
KZR632767Almaty ()Sun 02:36PM ALMTSun 03:51PM ALMTSun 03:51PM ALMT
BEK2009F100Aktau ()Sun 02:20PM ALMTSun 05:13PM ALMTSun 05:00PM ALMT
VSV755B735Taraz ()Sun 02:20PM ALMTSun 03:43PM ALMT03:43PM ALMT (?)
VSV714B735Almaty ()Sun 02:05PM ALMTSun 03:24PM ALMTSun 03:24PM ALMT
M-BADUAlmaty ()Sun 01:55PM ALMTSun 03:06PM ALMTSun 03:06PM ALMT
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