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En Route/Scheduled to TJSJ Luis Munoz Marin Intl Airport (San Juan, PR) [TJSJ]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
SWA487B738Baltimore/Washington Intl ()Fri 11:45AM ESTFri 12:52PM ESTFri 05:32PM AST
CSQ405SF34Miami Intl ()Fri 12:00PM ESTFri 12:34PM ESTFri 05:34PM AST
N773CLCL60Fort Lauderdale Intl ()Fri 12:00PM ESTFri 07:29PM AST
V4705BN2PVieques (Antonio Rivera Rodriguez) ()Fri 01:30PM ASTFri 01:55PM AST
SBS705BN2PAntonio Rivera Rodriguez ()Fri 01:30PM ASTFri 01:57PM AST
SBS755BN2PBenjamin Rivera Noriega ()Fri 02:00PM ASTFri 02:30PM AST
V4105BN2PBenjamin Rivera Noriega ()Fri 02:00PM ASTFri 02:25PM AST
GPD8PC12Cyril E King ()Fri 02:06PM ASTFri 02:33PM AST
SBS4638SF34 ()Fri 06:35PM UTCFri 03:31PM AST
GPD105PC12Gustaf III ()Fri 02:55PM ASTFri 03:33PM AST
AVA258A319El Dorado Int'l ()Fri 01:55PM -05Fri 02:12PM -05Fri 05:24PM AST
MTN7142C208Princess Juliana Int'l ()Fri 03:00PM ASTFri 04:54PM ASTFri 05:53PM AST
UPS342B752Louisville Intl ()Fri 02:00PM ESTFri 01:58PM ESTFri 06:52PM AST
AAL2414B738Miami Intl ()Fri 02:05PM ESTFri 02:15PM ESTFri 05:29PM AST
GPD105BPC12Gustaf III ()Fri 03:05PM ASTFri 03:57PM AST
GTI503B744Miami Intl ()Fri 02:15PM ESTFri 02:30PM ESTFri 05:40PM AST
SBS4514SF34Terrance B. Lettsome Int'l ()Fri 03:25PM ASTFri 06:14PM AST
SWA6814B738Tampa Intl ()Fri 02:25PM ESTFri 03:15PM ESTFri 06:50PM AST
7U8553CVFVC Bird Int'l ()Fri 03:30PM ASTFri 04:20PM AST
JBU1151A320Tampa Intl ()Fri 02:32PM ESTFri 02:21PM ESTFri 06:33PM AST
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