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Departures: Lamentin Airport (Fort De France) [TFFF]
Arrival Time
N905FEC208George F. L. Charles ()Wed 04:04PM ASTWed 04:19PM AST04:19PM AST (?)
F-OMYMPointe ()Wed 04:10PM ASTWed 04:45PM ASTWed 04:45PM AST
N960HLC208George F. L. Charles ()Wed 04:16PM ASTWed 04:31PM ASTWed 04:31PM AST
GUY230Pointe ()Wed 05:27PM ASTWed 05:59PM ASTWed 05:59PM AST
AFR604A320Cayenne-Rochambeau ()Wed 06:42PM ASTWed 09:32PM -03Wed 09:32PM -03
FWI17BIPointe ()Wed 07:28PM ASTWed 08:00PM ASTWed 08:00PM AST
AFR841B77WParis Orly ()Wed 07:36PM ASTThu 08:23AM CETThu 08:23AM CET
FWI11BParis Orly ()Wed 08:38PM ASTThu 09:43AM CETThu 09:43AM CET
AFR847B77WParis Orly ()Wed 11:52PM ASTThu 12:37PM CETThu 12:37PM CET
CRL925B744Paris Orly ()Thu 12:50AM ASTThu 01:15PM CETThu 01:15PM CET
N8369LC172George F. L. Charles ()Thu 06:38AM ASTThu 07:03AM ASTThu 07:03AM AST
F-OIXOPointe ()Thu 07:00AM ASTThu 07:34AM ASTThu 07:34AM AST
F-OSIXPointe ()Thu 08:04AM ASTThu 08:42AM ASTThu 08:42AM AST
IBK4950B738John F Kennedy Intl ()Thu 08:12AM ASTThu 11:30AM ESTThu 11:30AM EST
IBK4956B738Green State ()Thu 10:33AM ASTThu 01:51PM ESTThu 01:51PM EST
N468HC182Pointe ()Thu 02:37PM ASTThu 03:25PM ASTThu 03:25PM AST
F-OSIXPointe ()Thu 03:14PM ASTThu 03:55PM ASTThu 03:55PM AST
GUY218Pointe ()Thu 03:27PM ASTThu 04:10PM ASTThu 04:10PM AST
N905FEC208George F. L. Charles ()Thu 04:10PM ASTThu 04:25PM ASTThu 04:25PM AST
AFR613A320Cayenne-Rochambeau ()Thu 04:52PM ASTThu 07:45PM -03Thu 07:45PM -03
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