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Scheduled Departures: Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) Airport (Maiquetia, Vargas) [SVMI]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
GAL140E120 ()Fri 04:00PM -04Fri 08:41PM UTC
VCV1108E190La Chinita Int'l ()Fri 05:00PM -04Fri 05:50PM -04
VCV1010E190Del Caribe Int'l (Gen. Santiago Marino) ()Fri 05:40PM -04Fri 06:21PM -04
ROI1042B734Barinas ()Fri 06:00PM -04Fri 07:00PM -04
RUC354B732General Jose Antonio Anzoategui Int'l ()Fri 06:30PM -04Fri 07:03PM -04
OCA1751MD80La Chinita Int'l ()Fri 07:00PM -04Fri 07:49PM -04
VCV7208E190Tocumen Int'l ()Fri 07:30PM -04Fri 08:50PM EST
RUC306B732 ()Fri 07:59PM -04Sat 12:41AM UTC
AEA72A333Barajas Int'l ()Fri 08:40PM -04Sat 10:51AM CEST
CMP220B738Tocumen Int'l ()Sat 05:01AM -04Sat 06:20AM EST
RUC351B732General Jose Antonio Anzoategui Int'l ()Sat 06:00AM -04Sat 06:33AM -04
BBR1515B752Miami Intl ()Sat 06:30AM -04Sat 10:00AM EDT
ROI1436B734El Dorado Int'l ()Sat 07:00AM -04Sat 07:40AM -05
GAL150E120 ()Sat 07:30AM -04Sat 12:11PM UTC
RUC390B732La Fria ()Sat 08:00AM -04Sat 08:55AM -04
VCV2050E190San Tome ()Sat 08:40AM -04Sat 09:21AM -04
VCV2190E190Jose Leonardo Chirinos ()Sat 08:40AM -04Sat 09:21AM -04
RUC312B732 ()Sat 09:00AM -04Sat 01:41PM UTC
ROI1226MD80Miami Intl ()Sat 09:00AM -04Sat 12:20PM EDT
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