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Departures: Subteniente FAP Alejandro Velasco Astete Int'l Airport (Cusco, Cusco Region) [SPZO]
Arrival Time
LPE2068A320Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 07:56PM -05Wed 09:10PM -05Wed 09:03PM -05
LPE2066A319Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 07:33PM -05Wed 09:05PM -05Wed 08:36PM -05
LPE2062A319Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 06:23PM -05Wed 07:56PM -05Wed 07:28PM -05
LPE2042A319Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 05:52PM -05Wed 07:14PM -05Wed 06:58PM -05
VPE755A320Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 04:52PM -05Wed 06:22PM -05Wed 05:53PM -05
LPE2121A319Inca Manco Capac Int'l ()Wed 04:32PM -05Wed 05:24PM -0505:24PM -05 (?)
LPE2034A320Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 03:49PM -05Wed 05:16PM -05Wed 04:50PM -05
LPE2074A319Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 03:46PM -05Wed 05:13PM -05Wed 04:46PM -05
LPE2122A319Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 02:49PM -05Wed 04:16PM -05Wed 03:52PM -05
LPE2048A319Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 01:55PM -05Wed 03:22PM -05Wed 02:56PM -05
LPE2077A319Padre Jose de Aldamiz Int'l ()Wed 01:38PM -05Wed 02:35PM -0502:35PM -05 (?)
LPE2020A320Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 01:09PM -05Wed 02:36PM -05Wed 02:11PM -05
LPE2026A320Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 01:03PM -05Wed 02:30PM -05Wed 02:04PM -05
LPE2075A319Padre Jose de Aldamiz Int'l ()Wed 12:18PM -05Wed 01:15PM -0501:15PM -05 (?)
PVN218Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 11:54AM -05Wed 01:00PM -0501:00PM -05 (?)
LPE2046A320Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 11:36AM -05Wed 01:03PM -05Wed 12:37PM -05
LPE2123A319Inca Manco Capac Int'l ()Wed 11:21AM -05Wed 12:13PM -0512:13PM -05 (?)
LPE2004A319Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 11:11AM -05Wed 12:38PM -05Wed 12:08PM -05
PVN210Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 10:05AM -05Wed 11:30AM -05Wed 11:10AM -05
PVN222Jorge Chavez Int'l ()Wed 10:02AM -05Wed 11:05AM -05Wed 11:02AM -05
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