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En Route/Scheduled to SKBO El Dorado Int'l Airport (Bogota) [SKBO]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AVA9230A320Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Sun 06:03AM -05Sun 07:04AM -05
AVA9744A320Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Sun 06:18AM -05Sun 07:19AM -05
AVA9829AT72La Nubia ()Sun 06:27AM -05Sun 07:25AM -05
VLE7768JS41Olaya Herrera ()Sun 06:45AM -05Sun 07:35AM -05
AVA9531A318Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Sun 06:05AM -05Sun 07:37AM -05
AVA9791A320Simon Bolivar ()Sun 06:09AM -05Sun 07:39AM -05
AVA9202A318Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Sun 06:40AM -05Sun 07:41AM -05
AVA9755A321Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Sun 06:17AM -05Sun 07:47AM -05
AVA9537A321Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Sun 06:40AM -05Sun 08:12AM -05
AVA9471A320Palonegro ()Sun 07:10AM -05Sun 08:14AM -05
AVA9827AT72La Nubia ()Sun 07:43AM -05Sun 08:18AM -05
AVA9443A318Camilo Daza Int'l ()Sun 07:11AM -05Sun 08:25AM -05
NSE8866AT43San Luis ()Sun 07:36AM -05Sun 08:25AM -05
AVA9717A318Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Sun 07:15AM -05Sun 08:47AM -05
AVA9407AT72La Vanguardia ()Sun 08:11AM -05Sun 09:17AM -05
AVA8584A318Antonio Narino ()Sun 08:01AM -05Sun 09:19AM -05
NSE8613AT43Olaya Herrera ()Sun 09:04AM -05Sun 09:40AM -05
VLE9071JS41Camilo Daza Int'l ()Sun 08:55AM -05Sun 09:50AM -05
VLE9114JS41Palonegro ()Sun 09:25AM -05Sun 10:10AM -05
AVA9461A320Palonegro ()Sun 09:10AM -05Sun 10:14AM -05
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