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Arrivals: El Dorado Int'l Airport (Bogota) [SKBO]
ARE3056A320Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Sat 01:41PM COT02:00PM COT (?)
AVA9759A321Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Sat 01:37PM COT01:36PM COT (?)
NKS807A320Hollywood Int'l ()Sat 10:38AM ESTSat 01:36PM COT
AVA9787A320Simon Bolivar ()Sat 01:30PM COT01:54PM COT (?)
AAL913B752Miami Intl ()Sat 10:13AM ESTSat 01:04PM COT
AVA8575A321Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Sat 12:47PM COT12:54PM COT (?)
AVA8579A320Palonegro ()Sat 12:43PM COT12:51PM COT (?)
LAN574B763Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Int'l ()Sat 09:10AM CLTSat 12:37PM COT
ARE3045A320Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Int'l (Sesquicentenario) ()Sat 12:23PM COT01:29PM COT (?)
AVA8521A320Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Sat 12:18PM COT12:23PM COT (?)
AVA9543A320Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Sat 12:15PM COT12:09PM COT (?)
AVA9715A319Simon Bolivar ()Sat 11:57AM COT12:23PM COT (?)
AVA9313A321Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Sat 11:52AM COT12:25PM COT (?)
AVA8595A320Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo ()Sat 11:49AM COT12:20PM COT (?)
GTI854B744Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Sat 10:24AM ASTSat 11:46AM COT
CUB348A319Jose Marti Int'l ()Sat 11:41AM CST01:49PM COT (?)
AVA69A321Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Sat 12:11PM VET12:40PM COT (?)
AVA9773A319Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Sat 11:39AM COT11:36AM COT (?)
AVA9208A320Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Sat 11:30AM COTSat 11:38AM COT
AVA8557A319Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Sat 11:36AM COT11:15AM COT (?)
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