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Arrivals: El Dorado Int'l Airport (Bogota) [SKBO]
AVA8525A321Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Wed 08:21AM -05Wed 09:21AM -05
ARE4091A319Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Wed 08:10AM -05Wed 09:12AM -05
AVA9228A321Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Wed 08:34AM -05Wed 09:08AM -05
AVA9840A320El Eden Int'l ()Wed 08:34AM -05Wed 09:03AM -05
AVA9292A320Benito Salas ()Wed 08:26AM -05Wed 09:01AM -05
FDX55B752Memphis Intl ()Wed 04:21AM CDTWed 08:58AM -05
AVA9827AT72La Nubia ()Wed 08:15AM -05Wed 08:55AM -05
AVA9337A319Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Wed 08:20AM -05Wed 08:50AM -05
AVA9265AT72El Alcaravan ()Wed 07:48AM -05Wed 08:49AM -05
ARE4007A320Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Wed 08:13AM -05Wed 08:39AM -05
ARE4157A320Palonegro ()Wed 08:01AM -05Wed 08:37AM -05
AVA8538A320Matecana Int'l ()Wed 08:05AM -05Wed 08:36AM -05
AVA8447A320Palonegro ()Wed 07:56AM -05Wed 08:32AM -05
NSE8711E145Santiago Perez ()Wed 07:31AM -05Wed 08:26AM -05
ARE4052A320Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Wed 07:47AM -05Wed 08:20AM -05
AVA8433A321Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Wed 07:29AM -05Wed 07:56AM -05
ROI1436B734Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Wed 07:08AM -04Wed 07:40AM -05
NSE8613E145Olaya Herrera ()Wed 07:06AM -05Wed 07:34AM -05
ARE4041A319Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Wed 06:58AM -05Wed 07:24AM -05
THY800A332Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Wed 02:20AM +03Wed 07:09AM -05
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