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Scheduled Departures: Congonhas Airport (Sao Paulo International) [SBSP]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AZU2678E190Tancredo Neves Int'l ()Sun 06:20PM BRTSun 07:35PM BRT
ONE6014A319Santos Dumont Regional ()Sun 07:00PM BRTSun 07:50PM BRT
TAM3954A319Santos Dumont Regional ()Sun 07:30PM BRTSun 08:25PM BRT
AZU2876E190Afonso Pena Int'l ()Sun 07:30PM BRTSun 08:42PM BRT
TAM3956A319Santos Dumont Regional ()Sun 07:55PM BRTSun 08:53PM BRT
TAM3240A320Rio de Janeiro/Galeao Intl ()Sun 07:55PM BRTSun 08:51PM BRT
AZU2916E190Salgado Filho Int'l ()Sun 08:00PM BRTSun 09:34PM BRT
AZU2940E190Tancredo Neves Int'l ()Sun 08:25PM BRTSun 09:38PM BRT
ONE6016A318Santos Dumont Regional ()Sun 08:35PM BRTSun 09:26PM BRT
TAM3051A320Salgado Filho Int'l ()Sun 08:45PM BRTSun 10:15PM BRT
TAM3128A319Goiabeiras ()Sun 08:50PM BRTSun 10:16PM BRT
TAM3958A319Santos Dumont Regional ()Sun 08:50PM BRTSun 09:45PM BRT
TAM3774A320Campo Grande Int'l ()Sun 08:55PM BRTSun 09:25PM AMT
TAM3600A319Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Int'l (Dois de Julho) ()Sun 08:55PM BRTSun 11:20PM BRT
TAM3960A319Santos Dumont Regional ()Sun 09:20PM BRTSun 10:09PM BRT
TAM3228A319Ten. Cel. Av. Cesar Bombonato ()Sun 09:20PM BRTSun 10:31PM BRT
ONE6032A319Santos Dumont Regional ()Sun 09:30PM BRTSun 10:12PM BRT
TAM3105A320Hercilio Luz Int'l ()Sun 09:40PM BRTSun 10:39PM BRT
TAM3470A319Santa Genoveva ()Sun 10:10PM BRTSun 11:35PM BRT
TAM3412A320Tancredo Neves Int'l ()Sun 10:25PM BRTSun 11:30PM BRT
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