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Arrivals: Congonhas Airport (Sao Paulo International) [SBSP]
PP-NMMSantos Dumont Regional ()Sun 10:42AM -03Sun 11:38AM -03
GLO9355Guararapes Int'l (Gilberto Freyre Int'l) ()Sat 06:29PM -03Sat 09:31PM -03
PP-LIDSantos Dumont Regional ()Sun 04:01PM -03Sun 05:17PM -03
PP-NBBRomeu Zema Airport ()Sun 11:22AM -03Sun 01:48PM -03
GLO9353Guararapes Int'l (Gilberto Freyre Int'l) ()Sat 06:44PM -03Sat 09:44PM -03
PR-EUFSalgado Filho Int'l ()Sun 04:20PM -03Sun 05:35PM -03
PP-NLRSao Jose do Rio Preto ()Sun 09:50PM -03Sun 10:33PM -03
PR-VNAPresidente Juscelino Kubitschek Int'l ()Sun 03:52PM -03Sun 05:22PM -03
PR-VDRSalgado Filho Int'l ()Sun 04:04PM -03Sun 05:13PM -03
PR-BLSSao Jose dos Campos Regional ()Sun 09:26PM -03Sun 09:53PM -03
PP-VFVZumbi dos Palmares (Campo dos Palmares) ()Sun 04:01PM -03Sun 07:06PM -03
PR-CBJCongonhas ()Sun 03:08PM -03Sun 05:30PM -03
PP-LIDPampulha Domestic ()Mon 06:31AM -03Mon 07:34AM -03
PR-RNYSantos Dumont Regional ()Sun 06:06PM -03Sun 06:53PM -03
PR-HNGMinistro Victor Konder Int'l ()Mon 07:00AM -03Mon 07:50AM -03
PR-HFTTen. Cel. Av. Cesar Bombonato ()Mon 06:32AM -03Mon 07:41AM -03
PP-LIDPampulha Domestic ()Sun 07:48PM -03Sun 08:53PM -03
PR-GEDCampo dos Bugres ()Sun 07:14PM -03Sun 08:18PM -03
PT-PVBPampulha Domestic ()Mon 06:46AM -03Mon 07:47AM -03
PR-HROAnapolis ()Sat 03:18PM -03Sat 04:48PM -03
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