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Scheduled Departures: Viracopos Int'l Airport (Campinas, Sao Paulo) [SBKP]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
DLH8272MD11Afonso Pena Int'l ()Thu 08:40AM BRSTThu 09:35AM BRST
DLH8273MD11Afonso Pena Int'l ()Thu 08:40AM BRSTThu 09:35AM BRST
AZU4253E190Lauro Kurtz ()Thu 08:45AM BRSTThu 10:15AM BRST
AZU2568AT72Maringa ()Thu 09:05AM BRSTThu 10:35AM BRST
AZU4012E190Santos Dumont Regional ()Thu 09:45AM BRSTThu 10:40AM BRST
AZU4210E190Tancredo Neves Int'l ()Thu 10:15AM BRSTThu 11:20AM BRST
TAM3661A320Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Int'l ()Thu 10:15AM BRSTThu 11:40AM BRST
AZU4302AT72Leite Lopes ()Thu 10:30AM BRSTThu 11:25AM BRST
AZU4282E190Afonso Pena Int'l ()Thu 10:35AM BRSTThu 11:31AM BRST
AZU9030E190Goiabeiras ()Thu 10:40AM BRSTThu 12:00PM BRST
AZU4080E190Marechal Rondon ()Thu 10:50AM BRSTThu 11:50AM AMST
AZU4006E190Santos Dumont Regional ()Thu 10:55AM BRSTThu 11:55AM BRST
AZU5138E190Chapeco ()Thu 11:20AM BRSTThu 12:45PM BRST
AZU5220AT72Uberaba ()Thu 11:55AM BRSTThu 01:10PM BRST
AZU4048E190Tancredo Neves Int'l ()Thu 11:55AM BRSTThu 01:00PM BRST
AZU5235E190Foz do Iguacu Int'l (Cataratas Int'l) ()Thu 12:00PM BRSTThu 01:25PM BRST
AZU4462E190Ilheus Jorge Amado ()Thu 12:05PM BRSTThu 01:05PM BRT
AZU4148E190Santa Genoveva ()Thu 12:10PM BRSTThu 01:30PM BRST
AZU4312AT72Sao Jose do Rio Preto ()Thu 12:10PM BRSTThu 01:18PM BRST
AZU9226AT72Brigadeiro Cabral Airport ()Thu 12:15PM BRSTThu 01:30PM BRST
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