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Departures: Governor Francisco Gabrielli Int'l (El Plumerillo Int'l) Airport (Mendoza, Mendoza Province) [SAME]
Arrival Time
LAN431A320Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Int'l ()Tue 11:04AM -03Tue 11:41AM -03Tue 11:41AM -03
ARG1537B732Jorge Newbery ()Tue 10:25AM -03Tue 11:49AM -03Tue 11:49AM -03
AUT2595E190Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V. Taravella Int'l ()Tue 09:31AM -03Tue 10:12AM -03Tue 10:12AM -03
DSM7649A320Jorge Newbery ()Tue 09:10AM -03Tue 10:50AM -03Tue 10:49AM -03
AUT2541E190Ministro Pistarini Int'l ()Tue 08:46AM -03Tue 10:07AM -03Tue 10:07AM -03
ANS871B738Jorge Newbery ()Tue 08:39AM -03Tue 10:24AM -03Tue 10:06AM -03
LV-HKSSan Carlos de Bariloche Int'l ()Tue 07:46AM -03Tue 09:15AM -03Tue 09:15AM -03
ARG1403B738Jorge Newbery ()Tue 07:16AM -03Tue 08:34AM -03Tue 08:34AM -03
DSM7651A320Jorge Newbery ()Tue 06:05AM -03Tue 07:45AM -03Tue 07:23AM -03
CMP421B738Tocumen Int'l ()Tue 01:44AM -03Tue 06:17AM ESTTue 06:17AM EST
ARG1411B738Jorge Newbery ()Mon 08:30PM -03Mon 09:45PM -03Mon 09:45PM -03
SKU522A319Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Int'l ()Mon 07:40PM -03Mon 08:43PM -03Mon 08:43PM -03
AUT2463E190Ministro Pistarini Int'l ()Mon 07:33PM -03Mon 09:24PM -03Mon 09:24PM -03
LV-HFREl Palomar ()Mon 07:00PM -03Mon 08:16PM -03Mon 08:16PM -03
ARG1467B737Jorge Newbery ()Mon 06:47PM -03Mon 07:57PM -03Mon 07:57PM -03
LAN433A320Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Int'l ()Mon 06:00PM -03Mon 06:36PM -03Mon 06:36PM -03
AUT2817E190Rosario-Islas Malvinas Int'l ()Mon 05:27PM -03Mon 06:25PM -03Mon 06:25PM -03
AUT2413E190Jorge Newbery ()Mon 03:47PM -03Mon 05:04PM -03Mon 05:04PM -03
AUT2423E190Ministro Pistarini Int'l ()Mon 03:33PM -03Mon 04:48PM -03Mon 04:48PM -03
AUT2596E190Presidente Peron Int'l ()Mon 02:53PM -03Mon 03:57PM -03Mon 03:57PM -03
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