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Arrivals: Gimhae Int'l Airport (Pusan) [RKPK]
ABL382A321Macau Int'l ()Thu 01:49AM CSTThu 06:08AM KST
KAL618B739Hong Kong Int'l ()Thu 02:22AM HKTThu 06:16AM KST
JJA2654737Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Thu 02:59AM CSTThu 06:19AM KST
ABL392A321Hong Kong Int'l ()Thu 02:05AM HKTThu 06:25AM KST
JNA74B738Da Nang Int'l ()Thu 12:05AM +07Thu 06:31AM KST
HDA318A321Hong Kong Int'l ()Thu 02:34AM HKTThu 06:37AM KST
JJA3451737Saipan Intl ()Thu 03:25AM ChSTThu 06:43AM KST
ABL722A321Angkor Int'l ()Thu 12:20AM +07Thu 06:51AM KST
ABL7445A320Kalibo ()Thu 02:21AM +08Thu 06:53AM KST
JNA32B738Diosdado Macapagal Int'l (Clark Int'l) ()Thu 02:41AM +08Thu 07:01AM KST
JNA76B738Da Nang Int'l ()Thu 01:35AM +07Thu 07:16AM KST
JJA3153737Guam Intl ()Thu 04:02AM ChSTThu 07:19AM KST
ABL374A321Sanya Phoenix Int'l ()Thu 03:05AM CSTThu 07:28AM KST
ABL611A321Guam Intl ()Thu 04:30AM ChSTThu 07:29AM KST
TWB152737Da Nang Int'l ()Thu 02:02AM +07Thu 07:39AM KST
KAL2116B738Guam Intl ()Thu 04:35AM ChSTThu 07:40AM KST
JJA2252737Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Thu 01:27AM +07Thu 07:48AM KST
ABL732A321Da Nang Int'l ()Thu 02:13AM +07Thu 07:52AM KST
KAL662A333Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Thu 02:12AM +07Thu 08:32AM KST
XAX518A330Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Thu 02:37AM +08Thu 09:12AM KST
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