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En Route/Scheduled to RJAA Narita Int'l Airport (Tokyo (Narita)) [RJAA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
PAC213B744Anchorage Intl ()Mon 03:55AM AKDTTue 11:30AM JST
AJX936B763Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Tue 02:10PM CSTTue 02:33PM CSTTue 06:50PM JST
QTR806B77LHamad Int'l ()Tue 02:25AM ASTTue 03:11AM ASTTue 06:50PM JST
CAL18A333Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Tue 02:40PM CSTTue 03:12PM CSTTue 06:51PM JST
THY52B77WIstanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Tue 01:40AM EESTTue 02:11AM EESTTue 06:51PM JST
DAL297B752Saipan Intl ()Tue 04:30PM ChSTTue 04:51PM ChSTTue 06:54PM JST
JAL942B763Guam Intl ()Tue 04:55PM ChSTTue 05:03PM ChSTTue 07:06PM JST
JJP314A320Naha ()Tue 04:40PM JSTTue 04:40PM JSTTue 07:15PM JST
EVA196A321Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Tue 03:20PM CSTTue 03:36PM CSTTue 07:21PM JST
HAL821A332Honolulu Intl ()Mon 03:45PM HSTMon 03:58PM HSTTue 07:25PM JST
JJP22A320Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 01:30PM HKTTue 01:51PM HKTTue 07:26PM JST
JAL742B763Manila Int'l ()Tue 02:25PM PHTTue 02:56PM PHTTue 07:29PM JST
UAL873B772Guam Intl ()Tue 05:10PM ChSTTue 05:13PM ChSTTue 07:33PM JST
JJP416A320Takamatsu ()Tue 06:15PM JSTTue 07:40PM JST
KAL1A333Incheon Int'l ()Tue 05:40PM KSTTue 06:01PM KSTTue 07:50PM JST
HKE1646A320Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 02:15PM HKTTue 02:37PM HKTTue 07:52PM JST
TTW202A320Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Tue 02:50PM CSTTue 03:45PM CSTTue 07:55PM JST
KAL717B739Jeju Int'l ()Tue 06:00PM KSTTue 06:20PM KSTTue 07:58PM JST
NCA226B744Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Tue 03:20PM CSTTue 04:05PM CSTTue 08:00PM JST
ANA9410B763Palau Int'l (Babelthuap/Koror) ()Tue 04:05PM PWTTue 04:15PM PWTTue 08:04PM JST
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