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En Route/Scheduled to PGUM Guam Intl Airport (Guam, GU) [PGUM]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
JJA3154Gimhae Int'l ()Wed 10:05PM KSTThu 02:55AM ChST
JJA3154Gimhae Int'l ()Sat 10:00PM KSTSun 02:55AM ChST
JJA3154Gimhae Int'l ()Fri 10:05PM KSTSat 02:55AM ChST
KAL111A333Incheon Int'l ()Fri 07:35PM KSTFri 10:26PM KSTSat 03:08AM ChST
PAL153A343Los Angeles Intl ()Thu 09:30PM PSTThu 09:56PM PSTSat 04:22AM ChST
PAL110A321Manila Int'l ()Fri 10:05PM PHTSat 12:11AM PHTSat 05:21AM ChST
UAL184B738Manila Int'l ()Fri 11:55PM PHTSat 12:14AM PHTSat 05:29AM ChST
UAL116B738Hong Kong Int'l ()Fri 11:30PM HKTFri 11:33PM HKTSat 05:42AM ChST
UAL192B738Palau Int'l (Babelthuap/Koror) ()Sat 03:10AM PWTSat 06:06AM ChST
KAP6392AT43Saipan Intl ()Sat 08:40AM ChSTSat 09:23AM ChST
CEB101A320Manila Int'l ()Sat 04:10AM PHTSat 09:40AM ChST
N7855AB737Kunming Changshui Int'l ()Sat 02:40AM CSTSat 10:22AM ChST
JNA647B738Gimhae Int'l ()Sat 08:00AM KSTSat 12:50PM ChST
JJA3164Incheon Int'l ()Sat 07:45AM KSTSat 01:05PM ChST
CAL26B738Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Sat 08:00AM CSTSat 01:40PM ChST
KAL113A333Incheon Int'l ()Sat 09:15AM KSTSat 02:09PM ChST
JNA641B738Incheon Int'l ()Sat 09:35AM KSTSat 02:45PM ChST
DAL608B752Narita Int'l ()Sat 10:30AM JSTSat 03:00PM ChST
KAP6390AT43Saipan Intl ()Sat 02:20PM ChSTSat 03:03PM ChST
JAL941B763Narita Int'l ()Sat 10:40AM JSTSat 03:10PM ChST
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