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Departures: Saipan Intl Airport (Saipan Island, CQ) [PGSN]
Arrival Time
JJA3401Incheon Int'l ()Thu 04:30PM ChSTThu 08:29PM KSTThu 08:19PM KST
DAL297B752Narita Int'l ()Thu 04:32PM ChSTThu 06:32PM JSTThu 06:32PM JST
CBJ396A332Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int'l ()Thu 05:20PM ChSTThu 08:17PM CSTThu 08:17PM CST
CES764A333Beijing Capital Int'l ()Fri 01:45AM ChSTFri 05:43AM CSTFri 05:43AM CST
TWB308737Incheon Int'l ()Fri 02:11AM ChSTFri 06:05AM KSTFri 06:03AM KST
AAR626B763Incheon Int'l ()Fri 03:01AM ChSTFri 06:41AM KSTFri 06:41AM KST
JJA3451737Gimhae Int'l ()Fri 03:24AM ChSTFri 06:39AM KSTFri 06:39AM KST
JNA652B738Incheon Int'l ()Fri 04:20AM ChSTFri 08:08AM KST08:08AM KST (?)
JJA3403737Incheon Int'l ()Fri 04:56AM ChSTFri 08:57AM KSTFri 08:47AM KST
CSC8648A330Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Fri 05:45AM ChSTFri 08:36AM CSTFri 08:36AM CST
HKE43A320Hong Kong Int'l ()Fri 06:01AM ChSTFri 08:34AM HKTFri 08:34AM HKT
N35475PA31Benjamin Taisacan Manglona Intl ()Fri 07:37AM ChSTThu 10:01PM UTCThu 10:02PM UTC
N208ABC208Guam Intl ()Fri 09:16AM ChSTFri 09:59AM ChSTFri 09:59AM ChST
N979SVC208Saipan Intl ()Fri 09:47AM ChSTFri 10:57AM ChSTFri 10:57AM ChST
N979SVC208Saipan Intl ()Fri 11:20AM ChSTFri 11:40AM ChSTFri 11:40AM ChST
N979SVC208Saipan Intl ()Fri 12:09PM ChSTFri 12:30PM ChSTFri 12:30PM ChST
N292SSC208Benjamin Taisacan Manglona Intl ()Fri 12:31PM ChSTFri 02:53AM UTCFri 02:57AM UTC
N35475PA31Benjamin Taisacan Manglona Intl ()Fri 12:43PM ChSTFri 03:25AM UTCFri 03:09AM UTC
N208ABGuam Intl ()Fri 01:02PM ChSTFri 01:45PM ChSTFri 01:40PM ChST
KAP6391AT43Benjamin Taisacan Manglona Intl ()Fri 01:33PM ChSTFri 04:02AM UTCFri 03:57AM UTC
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