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Departures: Islamabad Int'l/Chaklala Airbase Airport (Islamabad) [OPRN]
Arrival Time
PIA451A320Skardu ()Thu 09:06AM PKTThu 09:51AM PKT
QTR615B788Hamad Int'l ()Thu 08:52AM PKTThu 10:09AM +03
PIA741B773King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Thu 08:31AM PKTThu 11:19AM +03
ABQ201A321Jinnah Int'l ()Thu 08:17AM PKTThu 10:03AM PKT
UAE613B77WDubai Int'l ()Thu 08:07AM PKTThu 10:03AM +04
BU-RAQDhamial Army Airbase ()Thu 07:58AM PKTThu 08:02AM PKTThu 08:02AM PKT
PIA211A320Dubai Int'l ()Thu 07:52AM PKTThu 10:17AM +04
PIA651AT72Allama Iqbal Int'l ()Thu 07:44AM PKTThu 08:32AM PKTThu 08:32AM PKT
GFA771A330Bahrain Int'l ()Thu 07:29AM PKTThu 08:50AM +03
PIA689AT43Zhob ()Thu 07:17AM PKTThu 08:22AM PKT08:22AM PKT (?)
PIA607AT43Gilgit ()Thu 07:09AM PKTThu 08:01AM PKT08:01AM PKT (?)
THY711A332Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Thu 06:19AM PKTThu 10:06AM +03
KNE316A320King Khalid Int'l ()Thu 05:38AM PKTThu 08:11AM +03
KAC206A320Kuwait Int'l ()Thu 05:06AM PKTThu 06:40AM +03Thu 06:40AM +03
PIA319A320Jinnah Int'l ()Thu 04:03AM PKTThu 05:33AM PKTThu 05:33AM PKT
ETD54NAbu Dhabi Int'l ()Thu 03:46AM PKTThu 05:50AM +04Thu 05:50AM +04
ETD232A321Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Thu 03:45AM PKTThu 05:44AM +04Thu 05:44AM +04
UAE615B77WDubai Int'l ()Thu 03:36AM PKTThu 05:22AM +04Thu 05:22AM +04
QTR633B77WHamad Int'l ()Thu 03:20AM PKTThu 04:37AM +03Thu 04:37AM +03
UAE613B77WDubai Int'l ()Thu 02:12AM PKTThu 04:20AM +04Thu 03:58AM +04
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