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En Route/Scheduled to OMDB Dubai Int'l Airport (Dubai) [OMDB]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
PIA211A320Islamabad Int'l/Chaklala Airbase ()Tue 12:05PM PKTTue 02:40PM GST
IRA677A320Bandar Abbas Int'l ()Tue 06:40PM IRSTTue 07:52PM GST
OMA5865B772Seeb Int'l ()Tue 07:05PM GSTTue 08:28PM GST
IRM65310Imam Khomeini Int'l ()Tue 06:30PM IRSTTue 08:48PM GST
FDB10B738Hamad Int'l ()Tue 07:00PM ASTTue 07:16PM ASTTue 08:51PM GST
UAE202A388John F Kennedy Intl ()Mon 11:00PM ESTTue 12:32AM ESTTue 08:51PM GST
UAE262B77WSão Paulo-Guarulhos Int'l ()Tue 01:25AM BRSTTue 01:33AM BRSTTue 09:05PM GST
JZR184A320Kuwait Int'l ()Tue 06:40PM ASTTue 06:56PM ASTTue 09:05PM GST
UAE724A332Bole Int'l ()Tue 04:00PM EATTue 04:18PM EATTue 09:09PM GST
MEA428A332Beirut Air Base/Rafic Hariri Int'l (Beirut Int'l) ()Tue 04:15PM EETTue 04:23PM EETTue 09:14PM GST
UAE503B77WChatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Tue 07:05PM ISTTue 07:44PM ISTTue 09:14PM GST
UAE904B77LQueen Alia Int'l ()Tue 04:55PM EETTue 05:10PM EETTue 09:20PM GST
AIC99332ADabolim (Goa) / Dabolim Navy Airbase ()Tue 07:05PM ISTTue 07:32PM ISTTue 09:22PM GST
UAE587B77WZia Int'l ()Tue 06:20PM BDTTue 06:26PM BDTTue 09:24PM GST
OMA611Seeb Int'l ()Tue 08:20PM GSTTue 08:47PM GSTTue 09:25PM GST
UAE124B77WIstanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Tue 03:30PM EETTue 03:48PM EETTue 09:25PM GST
IGO39A320Thiruvananthapuram Int'l ()Tue 06:25PM ISTTue 06:38PM ISTTue 09:28PM GST
UAE180B77WWarsaw Frederic Chopin ()Tue 01:25PM CETTue 01:29PM CETTue 09:31PM GST
UAE106B77LAthens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Tue 03:25PM EETTue 03:33PM EETTue 09:32PM GST
ALK225A333Bandaranaike Int'l ()Tue 06:40PM ISTTue 07:08PM ISTTue 09:33PM GST
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