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Cancelled Departures: Dubai Int'l Airport (Dubai) [OMDB]
AFG402737Kabul Int'l ()Sun 05:30AM GST
IRM1191B462Shiraz Int'l (Shiraz Shahid Dastghaib Int'l) ()Sat 07:30PM GST
FDB305B738Kabul Int'l ()Sat 01:40PM GST
IRQ2201F100Dayrestan ()Fri 04:50PM GST
FDB11B738Hamad Int'l ()Fri 02:10AM GST
IGO56A320Chandigarh (Chandigarh Air Force Base) ()Thu 05:55AM GST
FDB11B738Hamad Int'l ()Thu 02:10AM GST
OMA618E170Salalah ()Wed 07:30PM GST
FDB221B738Al Najaf Int'l ()Wed 07:25AM GST
AHY16A320Heydar Aliyev Int'l ()Wed 04:10AM GST
FDB11B738Hamad Int'l ()Wed 02:10AM GST
FDB29B738Bahrain Int'l ()Wed 01:25AM GST
OMA612B739Seeb Int'l ()Tue 10:45PM GST
IRC6543F100Konarak ()Tue 02:10PM GST
KAC680A320Kuwait Int'l ()Tue 12:00PM GST
FDB229B738Basrah Int'l ()Tue 09:20AM GST
UAE654B77WBandaranaike Int'l ()Tue 09:05AM GST
UAE841A388Hamad Int'l ()Tue 07:45AM GST
FDB709B738Heydar Aliyev Int'l ()Tue 07:05AM GST
FDB53B738Kuwait Int'l ()Tue 06:55AM GST
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