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Arrivals: Dubai Int'l Airport (Dubai) [OMDB]
SVA566A321King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sun 07:26AM +03Sun 10:48AM +04
IRM61A306Imam Khomeini Int'l ()Sun 08:32AM +0330Sun 10:43AM +04
AXB383B738Mangalore Int'l ()Sun 08:50AM ISTSun 10:43AM +04
KNE201A320King Khalid Int'l ()Sun 07:59AM +03Sun 10:29AM +04
FDB46B738Seeb Int'l ()Sun 09:33AM +04Sun 10:23AM +04
FDB856B738Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport ()Sun 07:44AM +03Sun 10:21AM +04
JAI528B738Cochin Int'l (Kochi Int'l) ()Sun 07:57AM ISTSun 10:19AM +04
OMA603B789Seeb Int'l ()Sun 09:27AM +04Sun 10:16AM +04
SVR891A321Domodedovo Int'l ()Sun 04:31AM MSKSun 10:14AM +04
IGO63A320Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Sun 08:48AM ISTSun 10:08AM +04
IRA658A320Imam Khomeini Int'l ()Sun 07:10AM +0330Sun 09:58AM +04
IGO95A320Bengaluru Int'l ()Sun 07:31AM ISTSun 09:50AM +04
JZR164A320Kuwait Int'l ()Sun 07:05AM +03Sun 09:39AM +04
UAE605B77WJinnah Int'l ()Sun 08:23AM PKTSun 09:38AM +04
IGO65A320Chennai Int'l ()Sun 06:51AM ISTSun 09:29AM +04
PR-MHESeeb Int'l ()Sun 08:36AM +04Sun 09:28AM +04
SVA562A330King Khalid Int'l ()Sun 06:59AM +03Sun 09:27AM +04
SVR711A321Ufa Int'l ()Sun 06:51AM +06Sun 09:23AM +04
UAE802B77WKing Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sun 05:40AM +03Sun 09:20AM +04
GFA502A321Bahrain Int'l ()Sun 07:23AM +03Sun 09:18AM +04
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