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Arrivals: Dubai Int'l Airport (Dubai) [OMDB]
KNE205A320King Khalid Int'l ()Wed 01:16PM +03Wed 03:44PM +04
ETH602A359Bole Int'l ()Wed 10:51AM EATWed 03:36PM +04
CPA746A333Bahrain Int'l ()Wed 01:34PM +03Wed 03:32PM +04
OMA60973LSeeb Int'l ()Wed 02:45PM +04Wed 03:24PM +04
JAI542B738Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Wed 02:04PM ISTWed 03:07PM +04
FDB832B738King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Wed 11:37AM +03Wed 03:03PM +04
JAI536B738Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Wed 01:59PM ISTWed 02:56PM +04
UAE902B77LQueen Alia Int'l ()Wed 11:12AM EESTWed 02:47PM +04
MSR912B773Cairo Int'l ()Wed 09:55AM EETWed 02:45PM +04
UAE806A388King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Wed 11:15AM +03Wed 02:35PM +04
AFL520B738Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Wed 08:43AM MSKWed 02:28PM +04
QSM2200Dayrestan ()Wed 02:19PM +0430Wed 02:25PM +04
SVA558B773King Khalid Int'l ()Wed 12:00PM +03Wed 02:24PM +04
SEJ55737Raja Sansi Int'l (Amritsar Int'l) ()Wed 12:39PM ISTWed 02:20PM +04
FDB590B738Shah Amanat Int'l (M.A. Hannan Int'l) ()Wed 11:31AM +06Wed 02:17PM +04
UAE942B77WBaghdad Int'l ()Wed 11:19AM +03Wed 02:14PM +04
TAY51B744Liege ()Wed 06:18AM CESTWed 02:12PM +04
UPS10MD11Near Cologne/BonnWed 05:51AM CESTWed 02:06PM +04
TAY52B744Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 10:59AM HKTWed 02:01PM +04
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