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En Route/Scheduled to OIIE Imam Khomeini Int'l Airport (Tehran) [OIIE]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
IRM78Beijing Capital Int'l ()Sun 12:15AM CSTSun 12:38AM CSTSun 05:03AM +0430
IRK6030MD82Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Sun 12:50AM +03Sun 05:25AM +0430
IRA752A306Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Sat 11:25PM CESTSun 05:45AM +0430
THY878A333Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Sun 01:30AM +03Sun 01:49AM +03Sun 06:00AM +0430
BAW153B77LLondon Heathrow ()Sat 09:10PM BSTSat 10:10PM BSTSun 06:51AM +0430
TBZ6630A320Denizli Cardak ()Sun 02:50AM +03Sun 07:00AM +0430
UAE971B77WDubai Int'l ()Sun 07:45AM +04Sun 10:14AM +0430
IRM1151Zvartnots Int'l ()Sun 09:15AM +04Sun 11:05AM +0430
QTR482A321Hamad Int'l ()Sun 08:00AM +03Sun 11:25AM +0430
IAW109CRJ9 ()Sun 06:10AM UTCSun 11:50AM +0430
IAW1171737Al Najaf Int'l ()Sun 09:40AM +03Sun 12:20PM +0430
TJK105B733Dushanbe ()Sun 10:30AM +05Sun 12:50PM +0430
KAC515A320Kuwait Int'l ()Sun 10:00AM +03Sun 01:00PM +0430
LDA251B734Baghdad Int'l ()Sun 10:40AM +03Sun 01:20PM +0430
THY870A332Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Sun 09:35AM +03Sun 01:40PM +0430
IRC585A320Al Najaf Int'l ()Sun 11:10AM +03Sun 01:50PM +0430
IRM60A306Dubai Int'l ()Sun 12:00PM +04Sun 02:20PM +0430
TBZ6653A320Al Najaf Int'l ()Sun 11:40AM +03Sun 02:20PM +0430
IRM119Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sun 11:00AM +03Sun 02:40PM +0430
IAW111A321Baghdad Int'l ()Sun 12:10PM +03Sun 02:50PM +0430
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