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Departures: King Khalid Int'l Airport (Riyadh) [OERK]
Arrival Time
KNE49A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Tue 08:49PM ASTTue 10:14PM AST
SVA1047B77WKing Abdulaziz Int'l ()Tue 08:43PM ASTTue 10:02PM AST
SVA1733A321Bisha Domestic ()Tue 08:39PM ASTTue 09:38PM AST
KNE89A320Abha Regional ()Tue 08:28PM ASTTue 09:48PM AST
KNE253A320Queen Alia Int'l ()Tue 08:26PM ASTTue 10:21PM EEST
SVA1267E170Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport ()Tue 08:22PM ASTTue 09:03PM ASTTue 09:03PM AST
SVA1539A321Tabuk Regional ()Tue 08:20PM ASTTue 10:00PM AST
SVA1160A321King Fahd Int'l ()Tue 08:18PM ASTTue 08:55PM ASTTue 08:55PM AST
SVA1483E170Qaisumah Domestic ()Tue 08:16PM ASTTue 08:54PM ASTTue 08:54PM AST
SVA1229A320Arar Domestic ()Tue 08:02PM ASTTue 09:17PM AST
PAL655A330Manila Int'l ()Tue 07:50PM ASTWed 10:50AM PHT
KNE45A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Tue 07:46PM ASTTue 09:11PM ASTTue 09:02PM AST
RJA731A330Queen Alia Int'l ()Tue 07:40PM ASTTue 09:19PM EEST
SVA1041B773King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Tue 07:08PM ASTTue 08:18PM ASTTue 08:18PM AST
SVA1433A321Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz ()Tue 07:04PM ASTTue 08:08PM ASTTue 08:08PM AST
MSR654A320Borg El Arab ()Tue 07:02PM ASTTue 08:40PM EET
KNE267A320Cairo Int'l ()Tue 07:00PM ASTTue 08:17PM EET
THY219B738Trabzon ()Tue 06:54PM ASTTue 09:43PM EEST
SVA1665A320Abha Regional ()Tue 06:54PM ASTTue 08:08PM ASTTue 08:08PM AST
QTR1165A332Hamad Int'l ()Tue 06:49PM ASTTue 07:52PM ASTTue 07:55PM AST
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