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Departures: King Abdulaziz Int'l Airport (Jeddah) [OEJN]
Arrival Time
GIA985A330Sultan Iskandarmuda (Blang Bintang) ()Mon 07:22PM +03Tue 07:28AM +07
MSR672A330Cairo Int'l ()Mon 07:15PM +03Mon 07:40PM EET
SVA802B773Shahjalal International Airport ()Mon 07:14PM +03Tue 04:19AM +06
KNE449A320Tabuk Regional ()Mon 07:10PM +03Mon 08:19PM +03
SVA1452A321Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz ()Mon 07:05PM +03Mon 07:45PM +03
KNE34A320King Khalid Int'l ()Mon 07:03PM +03Mon 08:05PM +03
QTR1187B77WHamad Int'l ()Mon 07:02PM +03Mon 08:50PM +03
SVA1484A320Qaisumah Domestic ()Mon 06:44PM +03Mon 08:09PM +03
SVA1040A333King Khalid Int'l ()Mon 06:40PM +03Mon 08:00PM +03
SVA1844A320Abha Regional ()Mon 06:30PM +03Mon 07:24PM +03Mon 07:24PM +03
SVA1466A321Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz ()Mon 06:29PM +03Mon 07:02PM +03Mon 07:02PM +03
DLH598A333Bole Int'l ()Mon 06:22PM +03Mon 08:28PM EAT
SVA1042B772King Khalid Int'l ()Mon 06:17PM +03Mon 07:27PM +03Mon 07:26PM +03
SVA1430A321Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz ()Mon 06:14PM +03Mon 06:48PM +03Mon 06:48PM +03
KNE30A320King Khalid Int'l ()Mon 06:12PM +03Mon 07:22PM +03Mon 07:22PM +03
SVA1250A330Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport ()Mon 05:54PM +03Mon 06:58PM +03Mon 06:58PM +03
SVA594A320Dubai Int'l ()Mon 05:50PM +03Mon 09:20PM +04
SVA303A330Cairo Int'l ()Mon 05:47PM +03Mon 06:42PM EET
SVA572A320Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Mon 05:43PM +03Mon 09:08PM +04
SVA261A330Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Mon 05:27PM +03Mon 08:51PM +03
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