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En Route/Scheduled to MROC Juan Santamaria Int'l Airport (San Jose) [MROC]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
PST792Albrook Marcos A. Gelabert Int'l ()Wed 07:59AM ESTWed 07:15AM CST
IBE4940E190La Aurora Int'l ()Wed 06:18AM CSTWed 07:50AM CST
CMP536E190Tocumen Int'l ()Wed 08:02AM ESTWed 07:53AM CST
LRC1033C310Golfito ()Wed 07:16AM CSTWed 07:56AM CST
N243SLAlbrook Marcos A. Gelabert Int'l ()Wed 08:26AM ESTWed 08:10AM CST
JBU39A320Fort Lauderdale Intl ()Wed 08:10AM EDTWed 08:25AM EDTWed 08:35AM CST
CMP163E190Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Wed 08:10AM CSTWed 08:35AM CST
CMP144B738Tocumen Int'l ()Wed 09:05AM ESTWed 08:50AM CST
AVA697A320El Dorado Int'l ()Wed 08:15AM COTWed 08:57AM CST
IBE7487E190Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Wed 08:10AM CSTWed 08:58AM CST
LRC641A320La Aurora Int'l ()Wed 08:05AM CSTWed 08:07AM CSTWed 09:08AM CST
LRC718Tocumen Int'l ()Wed 09:24AM ESTWed 09:09AM CST
LRC697A320El Dorado Int'l ()Wed 08:05AM COTWed 08:38AM COTWed 09:10AM CST
AVA641A320La Aurora Int'l ()Wed 08:15AM CSTWed 09:26AM CST
LRC671A321El Salvador Int'l ()Wed 08:40AM CSTWed 09:33AM CST
AVA718AT72Tocumen Int'l ()Wed 09:35AM ESTWed 09:48AM CST
GUG718AT72Tocumen Int'l ()Wed 09:25AM ESTWed 10:07AM CST
GUG717AT72Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Wed 09:05AM CSTWed 10:07AM CST
LRC717AT72Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Wed 09:15AM CSTWed 10:07AM CST
LRC1003C310La Managua ()Wed 09:50AM CSTWed 10:07AM CST
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