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En Route/Scheduled to MPTO Tocumen Int'l Airport (Panama City) [MPTO]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
IBE226B738Toncontin Int'l ()Mon 11:50AM CSTMon 02:33PM EST
IBE7690B738Juan Santamaria Int'l ()Mon 12:43PM CSTMon 02:56PM EST
CMP275E190Ramon Villeda Morales Int'l ()Mon 02:04PM CSTMon 04:36PM EST
RPB788E190Juan Santamaria Int'l ()Mon 02:21PM CSTMon 04:38PM EST
CMP614B737Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Mon 03:24PM -05Mon 03:38PM -05Mon 04:41PM EST
KLM757B772Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 11:20AM CETMon 12:04PM CETMon 04:48PM EST
CMP105B737Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Mon 02:20PM CSTMon 02:32PM CSTMon 04:48PM EST
CMP369B737Carrasco Int'l ()Mon 11:34AM -03Mon 11:50AM -03Mon 04:49PM EST
CMP250B737Arturo Michelena Int'l ()Mon 04:02PM -04Mon 04:07PM -04Mon 04:51PM EST
CMP151B737Punta Cana Int'l ()Mon 03:12PM ASTMon 03:35PM ASTMon 04:52PM EST
CMP247B737Jose Marti Int'l ()Mon 02:25PM CSTMon 02:34PM CSTMon 04:52PM EST
CMP674B737Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Mon 03:53PM -05Mon 04:00PM -05Mon 04:53PM EST
CMP145B737Juan Santamaria Int'l ()Mon 03:05PM CSTMon 04:53PM EST
CMP411B737El Salvador Int'l ()Mon 01:59PM CSTMon 02:14PM CSTMon 04:53PM EST
CMP417B737Norman Manley Int'l ()Mon 03:14PM ESTMon 03:20PM ESTMon 04:54PM EST
CMP416B737El Dorado Int'l ()Mon 03:32PM -05Mon 03:52PM -05Mon 04:56PM EST
RPB614E190Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Mon 03:24PM -05Mon 03:42PM -05Mon 04:56PM EST
RPB555E190La Aurora Int'l ()Mon 01:52PM CSTMon 02:24PM CSTMon 04:57PM EST
CMP278B737Ministro Pistarini Int'l ()Mon 11:29AM -03Mon 11:45AM -03Mon 04:58PM EST
CMP272B737Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Int'l ()Mon 02:59PM -05Mon 03:08PM -05Mon 04:58PM EST
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