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En Route/Scheduled to LTBA Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
THY6416A310Barajas Int'l ()Thu 12:35AM CESTThu 05:25AM +03
THY681A320Khartoum Int'l ()Thu 12:20AM CATThu 12:53AM CATThu 05:48AM +03
THY693A321Cairo Int'l ()Thu 02:40AM EETThu 03:00AM EETThu 05:51AM +03
THY2043B738Konya ()Thu 04:50AM +03Thu 05:06AM +03Thu 05:58AM +03
THY2819A321Samsun ()Thu 04:50AM +03Thu 04:48AM +03Thu 05:58AM +03
THY371A333Tashkent ()Thu 02:40AM +05Thu 03:03AM +05Thu 05:58AM +03
THY2185A320Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Thu 04:55AM +03Thu 05:11AM +03Thu 06:01AM +03
THY893B739Isfahan Int'l (Esfahan Shahid Beheshti Int'l) ()Thu 04:05AM +0430Thu 04:18AM +0430Thu 06:04AM +03
THY428B738Kazan ()Thu 02:00AM MSKThu 02:28AM MSKThu 06:08AM +03
THY2581B738Denizli Cardak ()Thu 05:25AM +03Thu 05:25AM +03Thu 06:12AM +03
THY677B738Bole Int'l ()Thu 12:35AM EATThu 01:09AM EATThu 06:15AM +03
THY805B738Erbil Int'l ()Thu 03:45AM +03Thu 04:05AM +03Thu 06:15AM +03
THY697B738Borg El Arab ()Thu 03:00AM EETThu 03:30AM EETThu 06:15AM +03
THY2851A321Ordu-Giresun Airport ()Thu 04:50AM +03Thu 04:58AM +03Thu 06:16AM +03
THY630B739Kotoka Int'l ()Wed 07:40PM GMTWed 08:33PM GMTThu 06:17AM +03
THY2115B738Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Thu 05:30AM +03Thu 05:30AM +03Thu 06:20AM +03
THY377A321Tbilisi Int'l ()Thu 05:25AM +04Thu 05:23AM +04Thu 06:27AM +03
THY2257A321Hatay ()Thu 05:10AM +03Thu 05:10AM +03Thu 06:30AM +03
THY781A321Hamad Int'l ()Thu 02:00AM +03Thu 02:21AM +03Thu 06:32AM +03
KKK1281A320Baghdad Int'l ()Thu 04:00AM +03Thu 04:10AM +03Thu 06:45AM +03
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