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Departures: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
Arrival Time
THY96A332King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Tue 01:34AM +03Tue 05:04AM +03
THY90B77WIncheon Int'l ()Tue 01:31AM +03Tue 04:51PM KST
THY114A321Yanbu Domestic ()Tue 01:26AM +03Tue 04:31AM +03
THY376A321Tbilisi Int'l ()Tue 01:23AM +03Tue 04:23AM +04
THY702A321Hurghada ()Tue 01:22AM +03Tue 02:47AM EET
THY1841A319Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Tue 01:12AM +03Tue 02:13AM EEST
THY2428A321Antalya ()Tue 01:10AM +03Tue 02:05AM +03
THY696B738Borg El Arab ()Tue 01:09AM +03Tue 01:59AM EET
THY762B77WDubai Int'l ()Tue 01:05AM +03Tue 05:57AM +04
THY293A319Platov International Airport ()Tue 01:03AM +03Tue 02:56AM MSK
THY1041A321Bucharest Henri Coandă Int'l ()Tue 12:57AM +03Tue 01:48AM EEST
THY782A321Hamad Int'l ()Tue 12:56AM +03Tue 04:47AM +03
THY692A321Cairo Int'l ()Tue 12:55AM +03Tue 01:45AM EET
THY706A332Kabul Int'l ()Tue 12:51AM +03Tue 06:42AM +0430
UZB276B752Samarkand ()Tue 12:45AM +03Tue 06:39AM +05
THY2042B739Konya ()Tue 12:43AM +03Tue 01:38AM +03
THY419A321Vnukovo ()Tue 12:41AM +03Tue 03:12AM MSK
THY2596A320Gazipaşa ()Tue 12:32AM +03Tue 01:37AM +03Tue 01:28AM +03
THY475B738Koltsovo Int'l ()Tue 12:31AM +03Tue 06:26AM +05
THY2236B739Oğuzeli ()Tue 12:24AM +03Tue 01:39AM +03
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