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Departures: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
Arrival Time
KZR918A320Astana Int'l ()Mon 10:05PM EETTue 06:32AM ALMT
TAR217A320Tunis-Carthage Int'l ()Mon 10:00PM EETMon 11:15PM CET
THY826A321Beirut Air Base/Rafic Hariri Int'l (Beirut Int'l) ()Mon 09:58PM EETMon 11:22PM EET
SVA260A333King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Mon 09:51PM EETTue 02:26AM AST
THY2018A320Kayseri Erkilet Int'l ()Mon 09:48PM EETMon 10:48PM EET
THY2850B738Ordu-Giresun Airport ()Mon 09:47PM EETMon 10:57PM EET
THY2612B738Diyarbakir ()Mon 09:45PM EETMon 11:06PM EET
THY304B738Erbil Int'l ()Mon 09:38PM EETTue 12:21AM AST
THY2480B738Adana Şakirpaşa ()Mon 09:38PM EETMon 10:46PM EET
THY790A321Ben Gurion Int'l ()Mon 09:36PM EETMon 11:15PM IST
THY2596A320Gazipaşa ()Mon 09:35PM EETMon 10:35PM EET
AEE995A319Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Mon 09:33PM EETMon 10:31PM EET
THY2186B738Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Mon 09:25PM EETMon 10:17PM EET
THY882A321Tabriz Int'l ()Mon 09:23PM EETTue 12:47AM IRST
THY2814B738Samsun ()Mon 09:20PM EETMon 10:16PM EET
THY336B738Heydar Aliyev Int'l ()Mon 09:17PM EETTue 01:27AM AZT
THY322A321Ashgabat (Ashkhabad) ()Mon 09:15PM EETTue 03:14AM TMT
THY888B738Mashhad Int'l (Shahid Hashemi Nejad) ()Mon 09:12PM EETTue 01:49AM IRST
THY2344B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Mon 09:12PM EETMon 09:55PM EETMon 09:54PM EET
THY884A321Shiraz Int'l (Shiraz Shahid Dastghaib Int'l) ()Mon 09:08PM EETTue 01:39AM IRST
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