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Departures: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
Arrival Time
THY118B738Jinnah Int'l ()Sun 12:27AM EESTSun 07:40AM PKT
THY1041A320Bucharest Henri Coandă Int'l ()Sun 12:25AM EESTSun 01:18AM EEST
THY1841A320Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Sun 12:19AM EESTSun 01:25AM EEST
THY2838A320Trabzon ()Sun 12:17AM EESTSun 01:33AM EEST
KKK6546A320Sharjah Int'l ()Sun 12:16AM EESTSun 05:10AM GST
TAR217A320Tunis-Carthage Int'l ()Sun 12:10AM EESTSun 12:10AM CET
THY2190A321Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sun 12:08AM EESTSun 12:49AM EEST
THY2530A320Milas-Bodrum ()Sun 12:06AM EESTSun 01:00AM EEST
THY736A319Mazar ()Sun 12:05AM EESTSun 05:22AM AFT
THY964A320Ercan Int'l ()Sun 12:02AM EESTSun 01:20AM EEST
THY2256A321Hatay ()Sun 12:01AM EESTSun 01:18AM EEST
KKK6719A320Uytash ()Sun 12:00AM EESTSun 02:24AM MSK
THY872A321Imam Khomeini Int'l ()Sat 11:55PM EESTSun 03:52AM IRDT
THY5646A332King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sat 11:53PM EESTSun 03:33AM AST
THY768B738Kuwait Int'l ()Sat 11:50PM EESTSun 02:54AM AST
KKK6204A320Erbil Int'l ()Sat 11:35PM EESTSun 01:54AM AST
AUI720B738Odessa Int'l ()Sat 11:33PM EESTSun 12:57AM EEST
KKK6248A320Baghdad Int'l ()Sat 11:23PM EESTSun 02:06AM AST
THY2474A321Adana Şakirpaşa ()Sat 11:15PM EESTSun 12:15AM EESTSun 12:15AM EEST
THY2186A321Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sat 11:13PM EESTSat 11:53PM EESTSat 11:52PM EEST
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