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Arrivals: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
HH7271310Imam Khomeini Int'l ()Wed 12:55AM IRSTWed 02:06AM EET
AFL2134A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Tue 11:44PM MSKWed 01:53AM EET
THY2481B738Adana Şakirpaşa ()Tue 11:52PM EETWed 01:06AM EET
AUI719B735Odessa Int'l ()Wed 01:02AM EET02:09AM EET (?)
THY2229A321Oğuzeli ()Tue 11:10PM EETWed 12:41AM EET
THY2815B738Samsun ()Tue 11:29PM EETWed 12:36AM EET
THY2831B738Trabzon ()Tue 11:00PM EETWed 12:34AM EET
THY2645B738Elazig ()Tue 10:25PM EETWed 12:06AM EET
THY2259B738Hatay ()Tue 10:32PM EETWed 12:04AM EET
THY416B738Vnukovo ()Tue 10:36PM MSKWed 12:01AM EET
THY2425A321Antalya ()Tue 10:59PM EETTue 11:53PM EET
THY695A321Cairo Int'l ()Tue 09:59PM EETTue 11:51PM EET
THY2637B738Malatya Erhac ()Tue 10:07PM EETTue 11:45PM EET
DLH1304A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Tue 08:06PM CETTue 11:43PM EET
THY1828A332Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Tue 07:36PM CETTue 11:39PM EET
THY2473B738Adana Şakirpaşa ()Tue 10:09PM EETTue 11:37PM EET
THY1348A320Cluj-Napoca Int'l (Someşeni) ()Tue 10:07PM EETTue 11:36PM EET
THY658A321Houari Boumedienne ()Tue 07:21PM CETTue 11:34PM EET
THY460A321Boryspil Int'l ()Tue 09:48PM EETTue 11:32PM EET
THY2183A321Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Tue 10:36PM EETTue 11:30PM EET
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