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Arrivals: Antalya Airport (Antalya) [LTAI]
SXS9090B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Sat 08:06AM +03Sat 08:49AM +03
RWZ9241A321Domodedovo Int'l ()Sat 05:47AM MSKSat 08:35AM +03
LLC3523Vilnius Int'l ()Sat 05:59AM EESTSat 08:34AM +03
PGT2004A320Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int'l ()Sat 07:15AM +03Sat 08:24AM +03
LLC3525Vilnius Int'l ()Sat 05:37AM EESTSat 08:19AM +03
PGT2002A320Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int'l ()Sat 07:01AM +03Sat 08:13AM +03
SXS115B738Cologne Bonn ()Sat 03:30AM CESTSat 08:07AM +03
KKK6904A321Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Sat 05:19AM MSKSat 08:01AM +03
THY7480Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sat 07:09AM +03Sat 08:00AM +03
AUI5325Boryspil Int'l ()Sat 05:47AM EESTSat 07:57AM +03
SXS113B738Cologne Bonn ()Sat 03:34AM CESTSat 07:46AM +03
SXS231B738Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Sat 03:31AM CESTSat 07:40AM +03
THY1BZB738Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Sat 06:32AM +03Sat 07:29AM +03
OHY1902Ben Gurion Int'l ()Sat 06:13AM IDTSat 07:26AM +03
FLWME3Antalya ()Sat 06:55AM +03Sat 07:24AM +03
FHY366Cologne Bonn ()Sat 02:58AM CESTSat 07:16AM +03
SXS233B738Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Sat 03:15AM CESTSat 07:13AM +03
SDM5861Vnukovo ()Sat 03:57AM MSKSat 07:05AM +03
SXS167B738Nuremberg ()Sat 02:55AM CESTSat 07:01AM +03
PGT2000A320Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int'l ()Sat 05:45AM +03Sat 06:59AM +03
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