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En Route/Scheduled to LIMC Malpensa Int'l Airport (Milan) [LIMC]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
DAL174B763Hartsfield-Jackson Intl ()Tue 05:54PM EDTWed 09:10AM CEST
TAR856A320Tunis-Carthage Int'l ()Wed 09:00AM CETWed 10:56AM CETWed 12:55PM CEST
NAX1876B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Wed 10:40AM CESTWed 11:07AM CESTWed 01:10PM CEST
DAH2026B736Houari Boumedienne ()Wed 10:30AM CETWed 11:17AM CETWed 01:10PM CEST
DLH252A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 12:25PM CESTWed 12:43PM CESTWed 01:26PM CEST
EZY2582A319Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Wed 12:25PM CESTWed 12:18PM CESTWed 01:30PM CEST
AFL2612A321Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Wed 11:10AM MSKWed 11:21AM MSKWed 01:30PM CEST
MSR703B738Cairo Int'l ()Wed 09:30AM EETWed 10:57AM EETWed 01:30PM CEST
BPA2221737Rinas Mother Teresa ()Wed 11:45AM CESTWed 01:30PM CEST
BEE1590DH8DSouthampton ()Wed 10:25AM BSTWed 10:35AM BSTWed 01:30PM CEST
EZY2560A320Larnaca Int'l ()Wed 11:15AM EESTWed 11:15AM EESTWed 01:36PM CEST
AZA857B772Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Wed 08:45AM GSTWed 09:42AM GSTWed 01:38PM CEST
QTR119A333Hamad Int'l ()Wed 08:25AM ASTWed 08:56AM ASTWed 01:42PM CEST
EZY2878A320Cagliari-Elmas ()Wed 12:30PM CESTWed 12:53PM CESTWed 01:55PM CEST
AZA535A320Rinas Mother Teresa ()Wed 12:30PM CESTWed 12:34PM CESTWed 01:55PM CEST
BTI629B733Riga Int'l ()Wed 12:20PM EESTWed 01:48PM EESTWed 01:55PM CEST
SWR1628RJ1HZurich (Kloten) ()Wed 12:30PM CESTWed 01:07PM CESTWed 02:02PM CEST
TSO397B737Vnukovo ()Wed 11:30AM MSKWed 11:56AM MSKWed 02:06PM CEST
MLD893A320Chişinău Int'l ()Wed 01:00PM EESTWed 02:07PM CEST
UAE205B77WDubai Int'l ()Wed 09:45AM GSTWed 10:12AM GSTWed 02:10PM CEST
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