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En Route/Scheduled to LIMC Malpensa Int'l Airport (Milan) [LIMC]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
SWR1622RJ1HZurich (Kloten) ()Sat 05:20PM CESTSat 05:51PM CEST
ETD943A332Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Sat 06:35PM GSTSat 10:35PM CEST
SVA213A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sun 02:25AM ASTSun 02:51AM ASTSun 07:06AM CEST
WZZ2333A320Budapest Ferihegy Int'l ()Sun 06:00AM CESTSun 06:08AM CESTSun 07:15AM CEST
CCA967330Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Sun 01:30AM CSTSun 01:42AM CSTSun 07:38AM CEST
UAE101B77WDubai Int'l ()Sun 03:40AM GSTSun 03:52AM GSTSun 07:48AM CEST
UAL968B772Newark Liberty Intl ()Sat 06:15PM EDTSat 06:40PM EDTSun 08:01AM CEST
EZY2888A319Naples Int'l (Capodichino) ()Sun 07:00AM CESTSun 06:52AM CESTSun 08:07AM CEST
BEL3153A319Brussels ()Sun 06:30AM CESTSun 06:45AM CESTSun 08:10AM CEST
AUA511A319Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Sun 07:10AM CESTSun 08:25AM CEST
AZA565A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Sun 06:15AM MSKSun 06:20AM MSKSun 08:30AM CEST
ELL233E170Tallinn ()Sun 06:30AM EESTSun 08:31AM CEST
AAL198B763John F Kennedy Intl ()Sat 06:00PM EDTSat 07:05PM EDTSun 08:39AM CEST
DAL418A333John F Kennedy Intl ()Sat 06:31PM EDTSat 07:38PM EDTSun 08:42AM CEST
VLG6330A320Barcelona Int'l ()Sun 07:20AM CESTSun 08:45AM CEST
DLH246B733Frankfurt Int'l ()Sun 07:40AM CESTSun 08:50AM CEST
BPA1618767Vilo Acuna ()Sat 06:10PM CDTSat 06:20PM CDTSun 09:10AM CEST
AEA1065B738Barajas Int'l ()Sun 07:45AM CESTSun 09:18AM CEST
FIN793A321Helsinki-Vantaa ()Sun 08:00AM EESTSun 08:07AM EESTSun 09:38AM CEST
BEE7111E170Birmingham Int'l ()Sun 06:45AM BSTSun 09:40AM CEST
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