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Departures: Malpensa Int'l Airport (Milan) [LIMC]
Arrival Time
EZY4672A320Berlin ()Sun 09:37AM CETSun 11:00AM CETSun 11:00AM CET
EZY2861A319Lamezia Terme Int'l ()Sun 09:40AM CETSun 11:25AM CETSun 11:15AM CET
SWR139Zurich (Kloten) ()Sun 10:05AM CETSun 10:42AM CETSun 10:42AM CET
EZY49EZCasale ()Sun 10:06AM CETSun 11:32AM CETSun 11:32AM CET
UAE102B77WDubai Int'l ()Sun 10:09AM CETSun 06:57PM +04Sun 06:57PM +04
ETD88A333Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Sun 10:12AM CETSun 06:57PM +04Sun 06:57PM +04
VLG6331A320Barcelona Int'l ()Sun 10:33AM CETSun 11:45AM CETSun 11:43AM CET
AFL2417B738Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Sun 10:51AM CETSun 03:45PM MSKSun 03:45PM MSK
AAL199B763John F Kennedy Intl ()Sun 10:55AM CETSun 01:22PM ESTSun 01:22PM EST
RYR4018B738Porto / Oporto ()Sun 11:00AM CETSun 12:00PM WETSun 12:00PM WET
RYR1425B738Int'l Katowice in Pyrzowice ()Sun 11:02AM CETSun 12:32PM CETSun 12:24PM CET
UAL18B764Newark Liberty Intl ()Sun 11:05AM CETSun 01:49PM ESTSun 01:49PM EST
SVA212A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sun 11:11AM CETSun 05:48PM +03Sun 05:48PM +03
AEE661A320Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Sun 11:13AM CETSun 02:15PM EETSun 02:15PM EET
SWR1617Zurich (Kloten) ()Sun 11:20AM CETSun 11:55AM CETSun 11:55AM CET
AAL207B763Miami Intl ()Sun 11:21AM CETSun 04:05PM ESTSun 04:05PM EST
AEA1066B738Barajas Int'l ()Sun 11:31AM CETSun 01:19PM CETSun 01:19PM CET
NCA49B748Narita Int'l ()Sun 11:37AM CETMon 06:33AM JSTMon 06:33AM JST
EZY2725A319Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sun 11:39AM CETSun 01:20PM CETSun 01:20PM CET
CCA968A332Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Sun 11:48AM CETMon 05:34AM CSTMon 05:34AM CST
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