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Departures: Strasbourg Entzheim Airport (Strasbourg) [LFST]
Arrival Time
VOE2123A319Nantes Atlantique ()Sun 10:13PM CESTSun 11:33PM CESTSun 11:22PM CEST
HOP3067E145Nantes Atlantique ()Sun 08:58PM CESTSun 10:10PM CEST10:10PM CEST (?)
VOE2514B712Marseille Provence ()Sun 08:12PM CESTSun 09:10PM CEST09:10PM CEST (?)
RLA1436E145Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sun 06:48PM CESTSun 07:43PM CESTSun 07:43PM CEST
HOP3546E145Bordeaux-Merignac ()Sun 06:42PM CESTSun 08:00PM CEST08:00PM CEST (?)
HOP3556Toulouse-Blagnac ()Sun 06:30PM CESTSun 07:55PM CEST07:55PM CEST (?)
HOP3526E145Marseille Provence ()Sun 06:21PM CESTSun 07:25PM CEST07:25PM CEST (?)
HOP4187Lyon ()Sun 06:05PM CESTSun 07:05PM CEST07:05PM CEST (?)
VOE2411B712Bordeaux-Merignac ()Sun 04:18PM CESTSun 05:23PM CESTSun 05:13PM CEST
VOE2092717Toulouse-Blagnac ()Sun 04:08PM CESTSun 05:11PM CESTSun 05:01PM CEST
VOE2957717Bastia Poretta ()Sun 04:02PM CESTSun 05:12PM CEST05:12PM CEST (?)
RLA1336E145Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sun 12:26PM CESTSun 01:22PM CESTSun 01:22PM CEST
VOE2518B712Nice Cote d'Azur ()Sun 12:25PM CESTSun 01:40PM CEST01:40PM CEST (?)
VOE2841717Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro ()Sun 06:24AM CESTSun 07:40AM CEST07:40AM CEST (?)
VOE2714717Figari Sud Corse ()Sun 06:08AM CESTSun 07:38AM CEST07:38AM CEST (?)
SXS919B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Sat 10:43PM CESTSun 02:33AM EEST02:33AM EEST (+1) (?)
AFR3564A319Nice Cote d'Azur ()Sat 07:55PM CESTSat 08:42PM CESTSat 08:32PM CEST
VOE2092717Toulouse-Blagnac ()Sat 04:26PM CESTSat 05:22PM CEST05:22PM CEST (?)
VOE2957717Bastia Poretta ()Sat 04:16PM CESTSat 05:25PM CEST05:25PM CEST (?)
DTH3025B738Mohamed Boudiaf Int'l ()Sat 01:41PM CESTSat 02:41PM CET02:41PM CET (?)
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