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Scheduled Departures: Paris Orly Airport (Orly (near Paris)) [LFPO]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
VLG1503A319Amerigo Vespucci (Florence) ()Sat 09:05AM CETSat 10:30AM CET
FWI516A333Lamentin ()Sat 09:15AM CETSat 01:05PM AST
AFR5425F100Tarbes-Lourdes Pyrenees ()Sat 09:40AM CETSat 10:45AM CET
HOP711F100Tarbes-Lourdes Pyrenees ()Sat 09:40AM CETSat 10:45AM CET
VLG8013A321Barcelona Int'l ()Sat 09:40AM CETSat 11:01AM CET
AAF259A320Houari Boumedienne ()Sat 09:45AM CETSat 11:50AM CET
FWI520A332Princess Juliana Int'l ()Sat 10:00AM CETSat 01:55PM AST
AFR6256A320Bordeaux-Merignac ()Sat 10:10AM CETSat 11:21AM CET
AFR6216A320Nice Cote d'Azur ()Sat 10:10AM CETSat 11:20AM CET
HOP7558CRKFigari Sud Corse ()Sat 10:20AM CETSat 12:00PM CET
TAP451A319Porto / Oporto ()Sat 10:20AM CETSat 11:15AM WET
IBE3403A319Barajas Int'l ()Sat 10:20AM CETSat 12:10PM CET
HOP7476AT72Quimper Pluguffan ()Sat 10:40AM CETSat 11:55AM CET
AFR852B772Cayenne-Rochambeau ()Sat 10:45AM CETSat 03:12PM -03
BAW8005John F Kennedy Intl ()Sat 10:45AM CETSat 01:47PM EDT
FWI540A359Pointe ()Sat 10:45AM CETSat 02:15PM AST
AFR6222A319Nice Cote d'Azur ()Sat 10:45AM CETSat 12:00PM CET
BOS8005B752John F Kennedy Intl ()Sat 10:45AM CETSat 02:12PM EDT
EZY4263A320Berlin ()Sat 10:45AM CETSat 12:20PM CET
VLG8031A320Barcelona Int'l ()Sat 10:50AM CETSat 12:30PM CET
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