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Cancelled Departures: Paris Orly Airport (Orly (near Paris)) [LFPO]
AFR6128A319Toulouse-Blagnac ()Fri 03:55PM CET
HOP263AT43Castres-Mazamet ()Fri 03:45PM CET
EZY4207A320Galileo Galilei (Pisa Int'l) ()Fri 02:05PM CET
EZY4243A320Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Fri 12:40PM CET
EZY4255A320Naples Int'l (Capodichino) ()Fri 12:15PM CET
HOP7474AT72Quimper Pluguffan ()Fri 09:00AM CET
HOP245AT72Agen-La Garenne ()Thu 08:00PM CET
AFR6268A321Bordeaux-Merignac ()Thu 06:10PM CET
HOP7476AT72Quimper Pluguffan ()Thu 04:05PM CET
AFR642B772Roland Garros ()Wed 08:55PM CET
AFR4190B772Roland Garros ()
HOP7394AT72Lorient South Brittany ()Wed 03:45PM CET
AFR7570A320Calvi Sainte-Catherine ()Wed 11:05AM CET
HOP7558CRKFigari Sud Corse ()Wed 11:05AM CET
CCM781A320Bastia Poretta ()Wed 09:20AM CET
NTW561AT43Lannion ()Wed 08:25AM CET
HOP715F100Tarbes-Lourdes Pyrenees ()Tue 04:10PM CET
AFR7570A319Calvi Sainte-Catherine ()Tue 11:00AM CET
HOP711F100Tarbes-Lourdes Pyrenees ()Tue 09:10AM CET
HOP717F100Tarbes-Lourdes Pyrenees ()Mon 08:20PM CET
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