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En Route/Scheduled to LFML Marseille Provence Airport (Marseille) [LFML]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AAF778A320Soummam ()Wed 02:00PM CETWed 04:05PM CEST
GMI1335J328Augsburg ()Wed 05:30PM CESTWed 06:43PM CEST
TJT2215B190Metz Nancy Lorraine ()Wed 05:40PM CESTWed 06:58PM CEST
CCM456AT72Figari Sud Corse ()Wed 06:55PM CESTWed 07:41PM CEST
AFR5580E145Strasbourg Entzheim ()Wed 06:55PM CESTWed 08:00PM CEST
DAH1024B736Houari Boumedienne ()Wed 05:45PM CETWed 05:55PM CETWed 08:03PM CEST
BAW370A320London Heathrow ()Wed 05:15PM BSTWed 05:44PM BSTWed 08:05PM CEST
HOP3086CRKNantes Atlantique ()Wed 07:10PM CESTWed 07:20PM CESTWed 08:05PM CEST
TJT118AT72Tunis-Carthage Int'l ()Wed 05:00PM CETWed 05:10PM CETWed 08:25PM CEST
AFR7668A321Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Wed 05:50PM CESTWed 07:21PM CESTWed 08:42PM CEST
AFR6026A320Paris Orly ()Wed 07:25PM CESTWed 07:40PM CESTWed 08:44PM CEST
CCM156A320Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte ()Wed 08:10PM CESTWed 08:47PM CEST
CLH2266E190Munich Int'l ()Wed 07:20PM CESTWed 07:34PM CESTWed 08:49PM CEST
HOP4058AT72Lyon ()Wed 08:05PM CESTWed 08:55PM CEST
RYR6773B738Nantes Atlantique ()Wed 07:35PM CESTWed 08:55PM CEST
CCM256A320Bastia Poretta ()Wed 08:20PM CESTWed 09:01PM CEST
HOP3176E145Rennes ()Wed 06:40PM CESTWed 07:59PM CESTWed 09:04PM CEST
RYR2221B738Valencia ()Wed 07:45PM CESTWed 07:46PM CESTWed 09:07PM CEST
TJT68B190Pau-Pyrenees ()Wed 08:00PM CESTWed 09:10PM CEST
FPO5774B734Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte ()Wed 08:30PM CESTWed 09:15PM CEST
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