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En Route/Scheduled to LFBO Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (Blagnac) [LFBO]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
RLA3450E170Lille Lesquin ()Sat 06:40AM CESTSat 08:02AM CEST
RLA3550CRKStrasbourg Entzheim ()Sat 07:00AM CESTSat 08:22AM CEST
RLA3030E145Nantes Atlantique ()Sat 07:30AM CESTSat 08:29AM CEST
ANE8764CRJ2Barajas Int'l ()Sat 08:05AM CESTSat 09:24AM CEST
VOE2836Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro ()Sat 08:10AM CESTSat 09:25AM CEST
RLA6316CRJ7Calvi Sainte-Catherine ()Sat 09:30AM CESTSat 10:36AM CEST
3O357A320Mohammed V Int'l ()Sat 07:30AM WESTSat 10:45AM CEST
RLA3341AT72Nice Cote d'Azur ()Sat 09:25AM CESTSat 11:00AM CEST
RLA3120AT72Rennes ()Sat 09:35AM CESTSat 11:18AM CEST
RLA4111CRKLyon ()Sat 07:30AM CESTSat 11:52AM CEST
CCM720A320Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro ()Sat 10:55AM CESTSat 12:10PM CEST
DAH1076B738Es Senia ()Sat 09:30AM CETSat 12:12PM CEST
DAH1044B738Houari Boumedienne ()Sat 09:30AM CETSat 12:45PM CEST
ANE8768CRKBarajas Int'l ()Sat 11:45AM CESTSat 12:55PM CEST
VOE2529717Figari Sud Corse ()Sat 11:55AM CESTSat 01:10PM CEST
RAM790B737Mohammed V Int'l ()Sat 10:40AM WESTSat 01:49PM CEST
TAR282B736Tunis-Carthage Int'l ()Sat 01:05PM CETSat 04:21PM CEST
3O351A320Saiss ()Sat 01:30PM WESTSat 04:30PM CEST
CCM726A320Figari Sud Corse ()Sat 02:50PM CESTSat 05:07PM CEST
ANE8776CRJ2Barajas Int'l ()Sat 03:05PM CESTSat 05:10PM CEST
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