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Scheduled Departures: Barajas Int'l Airport (Madrid) [LEMD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
IBE630A321Barcelona Int'l ()Wed 06:30AM CETWed 07:35AM CET
AEA1159E190Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Wed 06:45AM CETWed 07:05AM WET
IBK6070B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Wed 07:20AM CETWed 10:55AM CET
IBE514A319La Coruna ()Wed 07:25AM CETWed 08:30AM CET
IBS3954A320San Pablo ()Wed 07:25AM CETWed 08:20AM CET
DLH1807A320Munich Int'l ()Wed 07:25AM CETWed 09:50AM CET
IBS3918A320Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 08:40AM CET
ANE8864CRKSantander ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 08:15AM CET
ANE8314AT72San Sebastian ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 08:35AM CET
IBE730A321Barcelona Int'l ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 08:35AM CET
ANE8764CRKToulouse-Blagnac ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 08:35AM CET
AEA2001A332Barcelona Int'l ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 08:17AM CET
IBE3402A319Paris Orly ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 09:20AM CET
ANE8720CRKPorto / Oporto ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 07:25AM WET
IBE530A320Vigo-Peinador ()Wed 07:30AM CETWed 08:30AM CET
IBE448A321Bilbao ()Wed 07:35AM CETWed 08:25AM CET
IBE478A319Asturias ()Wed 07:35AM CETWed 08:30AM CET
ANE8556CRJ9Bordeaux-Merignac ()Wed 07:35AM CETWed 08:40AM CET
TAP1023A321Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Wed 07:35AM CETWed 07:40AM WET
AEA1171E190Brussels ()Wed 07:40AM CETWed 10:05AM CET
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