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En Route/Scheduled to LEMD Barajas Int'l Airport (Madrid) [LEMD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
THY1859B739Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Wed 01:10PM EESTWed 01:50PM EESTWed 04:39PM CEST
BEL3727A319Brussels ()Wed 02:30PM CESTWed 02:44PM CESTWed 04:39PM CEST
VLG3834A320Menorca ()Wed 03:20PM CESTWed 03:40PM CESTWed 04:39PM CEST
CSA700A319Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Wed 01:35PM CESTWed 01:59PM CESTWed 04:41PM CEST
IBE3303A319Mohammed V Int'l ()Wed 02:20PM WESTWed 02:28PM WESTWed 04:45PM CEST
IBE439A319Bilbao ()Wed 03:40PM CESTWed 04:45PM CEST
IBS3685A320Stockholm-Arlanda ()Wed 01:05PM CESTWed 01:09PM CESTWed 04:46PM CEST
IBS3907A320El Matorral ()Wed 01:45PM WESTWed 01:51PM WESTWed 04:54PM CEST
AMX21B788Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Tue 11:10PM CDTTue 11:50PM CDTWed 04:54PM CEST
IBE3149A321Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Wed 02:10PM CESTWed 02:15PM CESTWed 04:55PM CEST
AEA7236E190La Coruna ()Wed 04:15PM CESTWed 04:19PM CESTWed 04:56PM CEST
RYR7729B738Menara Int'l ()Wed 01:00PM WESTWed 02:40PM WESTWed 04:56PM CEST
ANE8593CRJ2Almeria Int'l ()Wed 04:00PM CESTWed 04:09PM CESTWed 04:56PM CEST
AEA6066B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Wed 03:40PM CESTWed 04:15PM CESTWed 04:58PM CEST
ANE8315CRJ2San Sebastian ()Wed 04:30PM CESTWed 04:30PM CESTWed 05:05PM CEST
IBE3259A319Amerigo Vespucci (Florence) ()Wed 03:05PM CESTWed 05:05PM CEST
EZY7615A319Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Wed 03:05PM WESTWed 03:03PM WESTWed 05:09PM CEST
AZA60A321Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Wed 02:30PM CESTWed 03:05PM CESTWed 05:10PM CEST
NAX5417B738Helsinki-Vantaa ()Wed 01:55PM EESTWed 02:04PM EESTWed 05:12PM CEST
AEA7317E190Vigo-Peinador ()Wed 04:30PM CESTWed 04:37PM CESTWed 05:18PM CEST
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