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Departures: Allentown Queen City Muni Airport (Allentown, PA) [KXLL]
Arrival Time
N844TWAllentown Queen City Muni ()Mon 03:09PM ESTMon 03:53PM EST03:53PM EST (?)
N909ABAllentown Queen City Muni ()Tue 02:00PM ESTTue 02:07PM ESTTue 02:07PM EST
N9379NP28RAllentown Queen City Muni ()Tue 02:51PM ESTTue 03:49PM ESTTue 03:49PM EST
N75130P32RAllentown Queen City Muni ()Tue 03:04PM ESTTue 04:06PM ESTTue 04:06PM EST
N232BBDA40Allentown Queen City Muni ()Thu 01:48PM ESTThu 02:14PM EST02:14PM EST (?)
N232BBDA40Allentown Queen City Muni ()Thu 04:49PM ESTThu 06:27PM EST06:27PM EST (?)
N7205EBE58Allentown Queen City Muni ()Fri 02:43PM ESTFri 02:47PM ESTFri 02:47PM EST
N75130P32RAllentown Queen City Muni ()Fri 02:55PM ESTFri 03:03PM ESTFri 03:03PM EST
N9379NP28RAllentown Queen City Muni ()Sat 08:48AM ESTSat 10:22AM ESTSat 10:22AM EST
N909ABAllentown Queen City Muni ()Sun 09:44AM EDTSun 10:52AM EDTSun 10:52AM EDT
N767EJAllentown Queen City Muni ()Sun 10:04AM EDTSun 12:16PM EDTSun 12:16PM EDT
N75130P32RAllentown Queen City Muni ()Sun 01:28PM EDTSun 04:21PM EDTSun 04:21PM EDT
N161CADV20Allentown Queen City Muni ()Mon 09:38AM EDTMon 10:45AM EDT10:45AM EDT (?)
N161CADV20Allentown Queen City Muni ()Mon 02:11PM EDTMon 03:34PM EDT03:34PM EDT (?)
N909ABAllentown Queen City Muni ()Mon 03:42PM EDTMon 04:49PM EDTMon 04:49PM EDT
N75130P32RAllentown Queen City Muni ()Tue 04:43PM EDTTue 05:28PM EDTTue 05:28PM EDT
N161CADV20Allentown Queen City Muni ()Tue 04:31PM EDTTue 05:18PM EDT05:18PM EDT (?)
N915ERDA42Allentown Queen City Muni ()Thu 12:44PM EDTThu 01:23PM EDTThu 01:23PM EDT
N75130P32RAllentown Queen City Muni ()Thu 12:43PM EDTThu 01:24PM EDT01:24PM EDT (?)
N75130P32RAllentown Queen City Muni ()Thu 02:38PM EDTThu 03:00PM EDTThu 03:00PM EDT
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