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Arrivals: Stinson Muni Airport (San Antonio, TX) [KSSF]
N87KWBE33West Houston ()Sat 04:49PM CSTSat 06:02PM CST
N4629KP210Stinson Muni ()Sat 03:57PM CSTSat 05:09PM CST
N997MJPA46Kimble County ()Sat 04:06PM CSTSat 04:46PM CST
N640SAStinson Muni ()Sat 04:17PM CST05:29PM CST (?)
N739MYStinson Muni ()Sat 02:56PM CST04:27PM CST (?)
N8888XPA46Fort Stockton County ()Fri 04:14PM CSTFri 05:38PM CST
N424BDSR22Joplin Rgnl ()Fri 10:26AM CSTFri 02:47PM CST
N520DTStinson Muni ()Wed 05:44PM CSTWed 06:12PM CST
N61785C172Stinson Muni ()Tue 05:52PM CSTTue 06:33PM CST
N470RKC425Fort Smith Rgnl ()Tue 03:48PM CSTTue 06:22PM CST
N63FBBE20Wood County ()Tue 02:12PM CSTTue 03:38PM CST
N7143YStinson Muni ()Tue 12:49PM CSTTue 01:37PM CST
N350MFSYMPStinson Muni ()Tue 12:19PM CSTTue 01:16PM CST
N4629KP210Stinson Muni ()Mon 04:40PM CSTMon 06:39PM CST
N223CSC240Horseshoe Bay Resort ()Mon 05:36PM CSTMon 06:08PM CST
N421LC421Georgetown Muni ()Mon 04:57PM CSTMon 05:38PM CST
N3MKValley Intl ()Mon 03:29PM CSTMon 05:12PM CST
N4081EStinson Muni ()Mon 03:02PM CSTMon 03:28PM CST
N718DESR22San Marcos Rgnl ()Mon 01:25PM CSTMon 02:03PM CST
N573AGEC20Stinson Muni ()Mon 01:59PM CST02:22PM CST (?)
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