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Departures: Gillespie Field Airport (San Diego/El Cajon, CA) [KSEE]
Arrival Time
N131TZGillespie Field ()Sun 10:06PM PSTSun 10:59PM PSTSun 10:59PM PST
N520KSC172Chino ()Sun 09:48PM PSTSun 10:55PM PSTSun 10:55PM PST
N131TZGillespie Field ()Sun 08:33PM PSTSun 08:54PM PSTSun 08:54PM PST
N606CMBE9TJacqueline Cochran Rgnl ()Sun 05:40PM PSTSun 06:00PM PSTSun 06:00PM PST
N411TLC182Scottsdale ()Sun 05:31PM PSTSun 08:42PM MSTSun 08:42PM MST
N4521UChino ()Sun 05:07PM PSTSun 06:07PM PSTSun 06:07PM PST
N372TABrown Field Muni ()Sun 05:04PM PSTSun 05:30PM PST05:30PM PST (?)
N365PSAA5Montgomery-Gibbs Executive ()Sun 03:50PM PSTSun 04:03PM PSTSun 04:03PM PST
N606CMBE9TFalcon Fld ()Sun 02:05PM PSTSun 04:17PM MSTSun 04:17PM MST
N172TRC172Chino ()Sun 01:09PM PSTSun 02:06PM PSTSun 02:06PM PST
N131TZGillespie Field ()Sun 01:06PM PSTSun 02:17PM PSTSun 02:17PM PST
N33081P28AGillespie Field ()Sun 01:02PM PSTSun 02:14PM PSTSun 02:14PM PST
N310TNSR22Schulz-Sonoma County ()Sun 12:57PM PSTSun 04:08PM PSTSun 04:08PM PST
N3056YC182Ramona ()Sun 12:56PM PSTSun 01:03PM PSTSun 01:03PM PST
N7543CChino ()Sun 12:24PM PSTSun 01:16PM PST01:16PM PST (?)
N3062YP28AGillespie Field ()Sun 12:24PM PSTSun 01:27PM PSTSun 01:27PM PST
N56KABE20San Luis County Rgnl ()Sun 12:18PM PSTSun 01:27PM PSTSun 01:30PM PST
N372TAC172Gillespie Field ()Sun 12:17PM PSTSun 02:05PM PST02:05PM PST (?)
N106HPP28AGillespie Field ()Sun 12:16PM PSTSun 01:26PM PSTSun 01:26PM PST
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