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Departures: Southwest Florida Intl Airport (Fort Myers, FL) [KRSW]
Arrival Time
FFT1094A320Philadelphia Intl ()Sat 10:51PM ESTSun 12:58AM ESTSun 12:55AM EST
SWA3286B733Akron-Canton Rgnl ()Sat 10:32PM ESTSun 12:34AM ESTSun 12:34AM EST
NKS124A320Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Sat 10:21PM ESTSat 11:45PM CSTSat 11:48PM CST
JBU230E190John F Kennedy Intl ()Sat 09:46PM ESTSun 12:03AM ESTSun 12:03AM EST
SWA1160B738Pittsburgh Intl ()Sat 09:42PM ESTSat 11:53PM ESTSat 11:53PM EST
NKS938A321Atlantic City Intl ()Sat 09:19PM ESTSat 11:25PM ESTSat 11:26PM EST
SCX388B738Minneapolis/St Paul Intl ()Sat 09:13PM ESTSat 11:28PM CSTSat 11:28PM CST
AAL1695A321Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Sat 09:12PM ESTSat 10:41PM ESTSat 10:41PM EST
SWA2117B737Indianapolis Intl ()Sat 08:55PM ESTSat 11:16PM ESTSat 11:16PM EST
ACA1239A320Toronto Pearson Int'l ()Sat 08:29PM ESTSat 11:12PM ESTSat 11:13PM EST
WJA1175B738Toronto Pearson Int'l ()Sat 08:23PM ESTSat 10:57PM ESTSat 10:58PM EST
SWA2155B733General Mitchell Intl ()Sat 08:05PM ESTSat 09:44PM CSTSat 09:44PM CST
SIL56ASF34Key West Intl ()Sat 08:03PM ESTSat 08:40PM ESTSat 08:40PM EST
JBU1066E190Boston Logan Intl ()Sat 08:00PM ESTSat 10:49PM ESTSat 10:51PM EST
TMC445BE40Page Field ()Sat 07:56PM ESTSat 07:57PM ESTSat 08:03PM EST
NKS431A319Dallas/Fort Worth Intl ()Sat 07:55PM ESTSat 09:12PM CSTSat 09:12PM CST
UAL1782B752Newark Liberty Intl ()Sat 07:43PM ESTSat 09:57PM ESTSat 09:57PM EST
AAL2097A321Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Sat 07:37PM ESTSat 09:08PM ESTSat 09:08PM EST
AAL2079A319Philadelphia Intl ()Sat 07:32PM ESTSat 09:49PM ESTSat 09:49PM EST
JBU1730E190John F Kennedy Intl ()Sat 07:10PM ESTSat 09:49PM ESTSat 09:53PM EST
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