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Departures: Santa Clara County Airport (San Jose, CA) [KRHV]
Arrival Time
N171PFBT36Monterey Rgnl ()Tue 07:05PM PSTTue 07:27PM PSTTue 07:27PM PST
N921RESR22Hawthorne Municipal ()Tue 05:45PM PSTTue 07:26PM PSTTue 07:26PM PST
N2129CC172Santa Clara County ()Tue 05:23PM PSTTue 05:43PM PSTTue 05:43PM PST
N408LBC172Santa Clara County ()Tue 05:20PM PSTTue 05:37PM PSTTue 05:37PM PST
N3547HSanta Clara County ()Tue 04:35PM PSTTue 05:28PM PSTTue 05:28PM PST
N65658C172Santa Clara County ()Tue 04:01PM PSTTue 04:06PM PST04:06PM PST (?)
N149PBE23Santa Clara County ()Tue 04:00PM PSTTue 04:18PM PSTTue 04:18PM PST
N787SPC172Santa Clara County ()Tue 03:46PM PSTTue 05:24PM PSTTue 05:24PM PST
N343MMMoffett Federal Afld ()Tue 03:34PM PSTTue 03:44PM PST03:44PM PST (?)
N2100DBE76Meadows Field ()Tue 03:23PM PSTTue 06:57PM PSTTue 06:57PM PST
N722NGSR22Santa Clara County ()Tue 03:19PM PSTTue 04:09PM PSTTue 04:09PM PST
N2304DPA46Watsonville Muni ()Tue 02:40PM PSTTue 02:50PM PST02:50PM PST (?)
N12727COL4Fullerton Muni ()Tue 02:33PM PSTTue 04:48PM PST04:48PM PST (?)
N966TFHUSKSanta Clara County ()Tue 02:30PM PSTTue 02:38PM PSTTue 02:38PM PST
N26WGSan Jose Int'l ()Tue 02:05PM PSTTue 02:24PM PSTTue 02:24PM PST
N737TXSo California Logistics ()Tue 02:04PM PSTTue 05:00PM PST05:00PM PST (?)
N5290EC172Santa Clara County ()Tue 01:43PM PSTTue 03:02PM PSTTue 03:02PM PST
N33807P28RSanta Clara County ()Tue 01:30PM PSTTue 01:57PM PSTTue 01:57PM PST
N46473Santa Clara County ()Tue 01:16PM PSTTue 02:19PM PSTTue 02:19PM PST
N54102Santa Clara County ()Tue 01:15PM PSTTue 01:43PM PST01:43PM PST (?)
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