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Departures: Hampton Roads Executive Airport (Norfolk, VA) [KPVG]
Arrival Time
N449NDP28ADuplin Co ()Mon 11:08AM ESTMon 12:37PM EST
N881GWBE36Charleston Executive ()Mon 09:45AM ESTMon 11:39AM EST
N138PAHampton Roads Executive ()Sun 03:03PM ESTSun 04:07PM ESTSun 04:07PM EST
N885MKE300Hampton Roads Executive ()Sun 12:50PM ESTSun 01:26PM ESTSun 01:26PM EST
N379SAC182Myrtle Beach Intl ()Sun 11:27AM ESTSun 01:27PM ESTSun 01:27PM EST
N11KWLEG2Bay Bridge ()Sun 10:27AM ESTSun 11:17AM ESTSun 11:10AM EST
N101NXTBM7Groton-New London ()Sun 10:10AM ESTSun 11:31AM ESTSun 11:29AM EST
N5318ENorfolk Intl ()Sat 01:49PM ESTSat 01:57PM ESTSat 01:57PM EST
N844VBR44Hampton Roads Executive ()Sat 11:08AM ESTSat 12:20PM ESTSat 12:20PM EST
N9067PPA24Summerville ()Sat 10:50AM ESTSat 12:59PM ESTSat 12:53PM EST
N2705TBE95Williamsburg Intl ()Sat 09:42AM ESTSat 09:53AM ESTSat 09:53AM EST
N931RDBE55Hampton Roads Executive ()Sat 09:16AM ESTSat 09:40AM ESTSat 09:45AM EST
N734SFC172Tipton ()Fri 08:18PM ESTFri 09:36PM ESTFri 09:36PM EST
N299PTC182Tappahannock-Essex County ()Fri 06:26PM ESTFri 07:00PM ESTFri 07:00PM EST
N844VBR44Hampton Roads Executive ()Fri 05:34PM ESTFri 05:39PM ESTFri 05:39PM EST
N844VBR44Hampton Roads Executive ()Fri 05:08PM ESTFri 05:23PM ESTFri 05:23PM EST
N11KWLEG2Thomasville Rgnl ()Fri 03:38PM ESTFri 05:51PM ESTFri 05:48PM EST
N844VBR44Hampton Roads Executive ()Fri 02:33PM ESTFri 02:57PM ESTFri 02:57PM EST
N761LQC210Charlottesville-Albemarle ()Fri 02:31PM ESTFri 03:32PM ESTFri 03:32PM EST
N9126NPA46Norfolk Intl ()Fri 02:27PM ESTFri 02:39PM ESTFri 02:39PM EST
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