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Departures: Ohio State University Airport (Columbus, OH) [KOSU]
Arrival Time
N145NCEC45Ohio State University ()Sun 09:11PM ESTSun 09:31PM ESTSun 09:31PM EST
N73HPAS50Ohio State University ()Sun 04:19PM ESTSun 06:12PM ESTSun 06:12PM EST
N381SBE55Statesville Rgnl ()Sun 02:43PM ESTSun 04:20PM ESTSun 04:20PM EST
N54KYSR22Willow Run ()Sun 02:14PM ESTSun 03:15PM ESTSun 03:13PM EST
N567RBC525Ohio State University ()Sun 07:51AM ESTSun 01:42PM EST01:42PM EST (?)
N461ABE35Hilton Head ()Sun 09:31AM ESTSun 12:39PM ESTSun 12:37PM EST
N80SUP28ROhio State University ()Sun 11:07AM ESTSun 12:05PM ESTSun 12:05PM EST
N514HPC182Ohio State University ()Sun 10:15AM ESTSun 11:06AM ESTSun 11:06AM EST
N910HPC182Ohio State University ()Sun 10:15AM ESTSun 11:03AM ESTSun 11:03AM EST
N75746C172Ohio State University ()Sun 08:50AM ESTSun 09:31AM ESTSun 09:31AM EST
N421APC421Akron-Canton Rgnl ()Sat 10:43PM ESTSat 11:20PM ESTSat 11:11PM EST
N72HPOhio State University ()Sat 07:05PM ESTSat 09:00PM ESTSat 09:00PM EST
N18KABE20Ankeny Rgnl ()Sat 05:57PM ESTSat 07:16PM CSTSat 07:16PM CST
N734ULC172Ohio State University ()Sat 05:00PM ESTSat 06:08PM ESTSat 06:08PM EST
N130HBEC30Ross County ()Sat 05:39PM ESTSat 06:01PM ESTSat 06:01PM EST
N2394MP28RMadison County ()Sat 05:42PM ESTSat 05:54PM ESTSat 05:54PM EST
N145NCEC45Ohio State University ()Sat 03:17PM ESTSat 05:35PM ESTSat 05:35PM EST
N19HPC182Ohio State University ()Sat 02:29PM ESTSat 05:34PM ESTSat 05:34PM EST
N739EUC172Ohio State University ()Sat 04:46PM ESTSat 05:30PM ESTSat 05:30PM EST
N717THOhio State University ()Sat 04:25PM ESTSat 04:51PM ESTSat 04:51PM EST
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