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Departures: West Houston Airport (Houston, TX) [KIWS]
Arrival Time
N443LLS22TGeorgetown Muni ()Mon 05:52AM CDTMon 06:35AM CDT
N2942BBE35West Houston ()Sun 09:19PM CDTSun 09:40PM CDTSun 09:40PM CDT
N9041CBE35Jack Brooks Rgnl ()Sun 08:27PM CDTSun 09:04PM CDTSun 09:04PM CDT
N945SAC172West Houston ()Sun 07:27PM CDTSun 08:10PM CDTSun 08:10PM CDT
N3726LBE33West Houston ()Sun 06:54PM CDTSun 07:01PM CDTSun 07:01PM CDT
N713JRPA24West Houston ()Sun 06:52PM CDTSun 08:19PM CDTSun 08:19PM CDT
N95763S55PWest Houston ()Sun 05:28PM CDTSun 06:27PM CDTSun 06:27PM CDT
N728BJSR22West Houston ()Sun 05:26PM CDTSun 06:40PM CDTSun 06:40PM CDT
N910JVWest Houston ()Sun 04:10PM CDTSun 05:16PM CDTSun 05:16PM CDT
N1415JAC11Abilene Rgnl ()Sun 04:03PM CDTSun 06:27PM CDTSun 06:27PM CDT
N945SAC172West Houston ()Sun 03:53PM CDTSun 04:41PM CDTSun 04:41PM CDT
N8369XP28ATexas Gulf Coast Rgnl ()Sun 03:46PM CDTSun 05:43PM CDTSun 05:43PM CDT
N784CPA46Sulphur Springs Muni ()Sun 03:45PM CDTSun 05:05PM CDTSun 05:06PM CDT
N257SRSR22West Houston ()Sun 03:26PM CDTSun 05:00PM CDTSun 05:00PM CDT
N624TAC172West Houston ()Sun 03:11PM CDTSun 04:13PM CDTSun 04:13PM CDT
N48ALT210Texas Gulf Coast Rgnl ()Sun 02:26PM CDTSun 03:22PM CDTSun 03:22PM CDT
N9778EBL17West Houston ()Sun 02:15PM CDTSun 02:48PM CDTSun 02:48PM CDT
N5689KM20PConroe-North Houston Rgnl ()Sun 02:05PM CDTSun 02:24PM CDTSun 02:24PM CDT
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