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Departures: North Perry Airport (Hollywood, FL) [KHWO]
Arrival Time
N906WAC172North Perry ()Sun 07:46AM ESTSun 08:58AM ESTSun 08:58AM EST
N38BYTreasure Coast Intl ()Sun 08:18AM ESTSun 08:56AM ESTSun 08:56AM EST
N9616XC210Albert Whitted ()Sun 08:24AM ESTSun 09:37AM ESTSun 09:37AM EST
N904WAC152Bartow Muni ()Sun 08:26AM ESTSun 10:25AM ESTSun 10:25AM EST
N908WABartow Muni ()Sun 08:32AM ESTSun 10:30AM ESTSun 10:30AM EST
N4957AC152Immokalee Rgnl ()Sun 08:39AM ESTSun 09:43AM ESTSun 09:43AM EST
N93730C152Kissimmee Gateway ()Sun 08:44AM ESTSun 10:55AM ESTSun 10:55AM EST
N1403RC172Lake City Gateway ()Sun 08:49AM ESTSun 11:56AM ESTSun 11:56AM EST
N26390AA5Immokalee Rgnl ()Sun 09:10AM ESTSun 09:50AM ESTSun 09:50AM EST
N30JSNorth Perry ()Sun 10:03AM ESTSun 10:32AM ESTSun 10:32AM EST
N379SRSR22North Perry ()Sun 10:07AM ESTSun 11:44AM ESTSun 11:44AM EST
N225TLSR22Grand Strand ()Sun 10:21AM ESTSun 01:47PM ESTSun 01:46PM EST
N3024MP28ANorth Perry ()Sun 10:53AM ESTSun 10:55AM ESTSun 10:55AM EST
N6466NT210Page Field ()Sun 10:59AM ESTSun 11:48AM ESTSun 11:46AM EST
N789PBNorth Perry ()Sun 11:20AM ESTSun 12:10PM ESTSun 12:10PM EST
N511MPNorth Perry ()Sun 12:12PM ESTSun 02:44PM ESTSun 02:44PM EST
N533CANorth Perry ()Sun 12:13PM ESTSun 01:24PM ESTSun 01:24PM EST
N9779BC72RNorth Perry ()Sun 12:21PM ESTSun 02:22PM EST02:22PM EST (?)
N2853NP28TThe Florida Keys Marathon Intl ()Sun 12:37PM ESTSun 01:23PM ESTSun 01:23PM EST
C-FRWDTBM9Columbia Metropolitan ()Sun 12:39PM ESTSun 02:31PM ESTSun 02:31PM EST
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