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Departures: Portland-Hillsboro Airport (Portland, OR) [KHIO]
Arrival Time
N106GKLJ70San Diego Intl ()Fri 09:51PM PSTFri 11:45PM PSTFri 11:45PM PST
N118MFBE9LRogue Valley Intl ()Fri 07:41PM PSTFri 08:38PM PSTFri 08:33PM PST
N3555LC172Olympia Rgnl ()Fri 07:07PM PSTFri 08:37PM PSTFri 08:37PM PST
N603HHPortland-Hillsboro ()Fri 06:40PM PSTFri 06:45PM PST06:45PM PST (?)
N478ERC172Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 06:08PM PSTFri 07:53PM PSTFri 07:53PM PST
N2227HPA44Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 05:38PM PSTFri 07:09PM PSTFri 07:09PM PST
HGT3546E45XSacramento Mather ()Fri 05:29PM PSTFri 06:40PM PSTFri 06:40PM PST
N427YESR22Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 04:53PM PSTFri 05:24PM PSTFri 05:24PM PST
N46889C152Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 04:43PM PSTFri 05:15PM PSTFri 05:15PM PST
HGT3132E45XSan Jose Int'l ()Fri 04:39PM PSTFri 06:16PM PSTFri 06:13PM PST
N386MEC172Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 04:33PM PSTFri 05:39PM PSTFri 05:39PM PST
HGT3425E45XPhoenix-Mesa Gateway ()Fri 04:17PM PSTFri 07:34PM MSTFri 07:32PM MST
N478ERC172Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 04:13PM PSTFri 04:58PM PSTFri 04:58PM PST
N190DCPA44Crater Lake-Klamath Rgnl ()Fri 04:12PM PSTFri 05:52PM PSTFri 05:48PM PST
N62348C172Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 04:05PM PSTFri 04:59PM PSTFri 04:59PM PST
N25233C152Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 03:58PM PSTFri 04:30PM PSTFri 04:30PM PST
N2227HPA44Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 03:53PM PSTFri 04:38PM PSTFri 04:38PM PST
N52371C172Portland-Hillsboro ()Fri 03:43PM PSTFri 04:51PM PSTFri 04:51PM PST
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